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Malibu Creek Rock Pools

Hey party people!   

We just spent Saturday afternoon with some friends who were camping up in Calabasas at Malibu Creek State Park.  The hubs was sicky, so we didn't spend the night.  But we did enjoy the afternoon at this new incredible hidden gem, ate fire-grilled hobo packets (I need to post about those!), and left them with some oranges to make this ole fave

Photo credit: Mr. Muddy Suitman on Flickr

Photo credit: Mr. Muddy Suitman on Flickr

The best part of Malibu Creek are the Rock Pools!!  If you hike about a mile in, there's a huge swimming hole surrounded by multi-level cliffs on all sides that you can climb up and jump off.  Now, I'm not much of a risk taker, so to me it looked like an accident waiting to happen--but I was happy to sit back, soak in the water, and watch everyone else cliff jump.  But if you like that kind of thing you would LOVE it here.  It's for real.  

If it looks familiar, it's because several things have been filmed there, including scenes from the Swiss Family Robinson and M*A*S*H and lots of other shows/movies listed HERE

Next time, our friends and I decided it would be wise to take rafts or tubes to relax in--Drive Me Crazy-style #throwback.   

We've already decided we're totally going back here soon.  It was only a 45 minute drive from the Westside, and felt like a much further away getaway.   I can't believe I didn't know it existed until now.  Who's up for going with us one more time before the end of summer?!

Like a total noob, I didn't take any photos (luckily I did get my one second  of a girl jumping off a super high rock and almost eating it), so these photos are from online.  

Downtown LA Adventure


Oh we had such a fun spontaneous Saturday this past weekend!  When Parker suggested we head downtown to advench, my eyes lit up and all I could think was TRAIN!!!  For those of you who don't know, I luuuuv public transportation.  So this. was. exciting!

Now, I'm usually more of a planner, and the hubs loves to have zero plans.  But we strike a nice balance.  Here's the thing, I LOVE doing spontaneous things too, I just a) like to have fun things to look forward to, and b) know ahead of time if the whole day is going to be open for said spontaneity, so I know it won't just be wasted.  Can I get an amen?  But anyway, this was a lovely full day of no plans and everything turned out so fun! 

I hopped on a literal train (LA Metro) and a figurative one (the VSCO Cam bandwagon) this weekend.  If you don't have this photography app, you should get it HERE, it's pretty ballin.   So most of the shots you see below are iPhone/VSCO combos.  


If you live in LA or are visiting, you have to make this trip.  Now that the Expo Line is extended to Culver City, and soon to be Santa Monica beach, it's so easy and accessible!  And, it's such a cheap way to head downtown.  There's a huge free lot at the Culver City metro stop (free LA parking FTW!).  We only spent $3 each for the round trip.  So overall we saved about $20 on parking, gas, and road rage.  DO IT!

Downtown is chocked full of little joys.  There's so much to see.  And, it was a full afternoon--making us feel like we went on a mini-vacation.  The best!

Disney Concert Hall:  Stunning!  Adding a dressy concert date to the Winter bucket list now...


The Last Bookstore:  uh-mazing!  totally Harry Potter


Inspired by that flying books art installation above.  And there were penny tile + books-by-color galore! 


Baco Mercat  for an early dinnerget in my belly again please!



"It was the best day!"  Name that quote, anyone?  ;)

We always talk about wanting to hop a train for a trip on a whim.  Maybe next time we'll go farther away!  What's the most memorable spontaneous trip you've taken? 

Vail Style

hey party people!   just got back to the westside after a weekend trip to Vail, CO.


what i really spent most of my time looking at this weekend, was my adorable niece's perfect little face.  but to avoid plastering her sweet cheeks all across the internet, i did look away quickly enough snap a few photos around town to post here instead (if i get permission from my SIL, though, you may see that sweet baby here sometime soon). 

as i mentioned when we went on a weekend trip to santa barbara, one of my favorite things about traveling is soaking in the unique style of wherever i go.  this weekend, we traveled to Vail, Colorado to visit family.  Vail is an upscale mountain/ski town, so most of it's style is rustic and alpine, with tons of natural elements like stone and wood.  most architectural elements feature any design excuse possible to accentuate the beauty of the surrounding nature.  i'm a fan.  i also noticed a lot of copper metal, and bold colored stripe accents.

cloud reflection.jpg
aspen tree.jpg
wood table.jpg

a couple of my favorite designed spots in Vail Village are the Sonnenalp Hotel (orange/white polka dots + yellow/white stripes make me giddy!) and Hotel Gasthof Gramshammer (gray/orange/white stripes whee!). 

polka dots.jpg

i love vail's unique flavor!  have any of you been there? 

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V is for Vail

Hey everybody! I'm on the road until tomorrow so I'll give you a sneak peek at what I've been up to...

Look forward to a Colorado style post coming in the next few days. I really do love traveling and seeing what every city's unique personality is!

Ok bye, I'm going to breathe in my last breaths of that crisp mountain air! See you back on the westside tomorrow...

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