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Moscow Mules

My favorite easy summer cocktail this year was the Moscow Mule.  I think its popularity in our house ensures it will linger well into the Fall...  

Here's what you need for one Mule:

  • 1 shot (1.5 fl oz) vodka
  • 1/2 fl oz fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 cup ginger beer
  • ice (cubed or crushed)
  • lime wedge for a garnish

You could enjoy a non-alcoholic mocktail with just the ginger beer and lime if you wanted to.  Or, you can even have a Kentucky Mule, by substituting some smooth bourbon instead of vodka.  

Copper mugs are the not-so-secret key ingredient (I'm convinced the metal affects the taste). And they are oh so pretty!  Mixed metal decor is hot for the Fall, too (cb2 told me that, so it must be true).  So display those shiny beauties out on a shelf!

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Goodbye to Summer Nails

HI!  Did your Labor Day weekends + parties turn out to be fun, festive, yummy, and relaxing?  I hope so!  Maybe you were able to use some of our tips and recipes from the past week

I know it's supposedly now the end of Summer, but I just can't let it go.  Partially because I just miss it already and that it flew by!  But also, because we are having a heat wave here in LA and even the Westside (which is typically mild and breezy) is hot and [slightly] humid.  I mean, it's no Hotlanta, but most homes on the Westside don't have AC (including mine) since we don't normally need it, so I am sweating my giblets off in that little oven of a house.  Especially at night.  Oy!

Anyway... You already know I like bright nails so it will come as no surprise that Clambake by Essie is how I'm closing out real summer/ushering in Indian Summer.  Its orangey-reddish delightfulness just makes me want to dip a giant lobster in a giant tub of drawn butter.  Lobster Fest with me anyone? 

essie clambake orange.jpg

If you're in the heat-wave zone, I officially give you permission to wear this polish for at least 2 more weeks.  And to wear white pants and shoes.  Yes, I have that power. 

Labor Day Party Decor

We're closing out our Westside Bestside/House on 8th Labor Day party series today, and bidding you warm wishes for your own holiday parties on this long weekend!  Hope you have a delicious, refreshing, + relaxing Labor Day!  

coke crate.jpg

Some tips for party decor, etc. are:

  • Use what you have!  I didn't go out and buy any extra items for decorating, except for these gorgeous gladioli what were $2.50 at the grocery!
  • Let your food + drinks be a part of the decor
  • Don't get too matchy matchy--it was feeling a little Coca-Cola themed, so we threw in some other mismatched plates and textures to mix it up
  • Choose drinks and food that people can make themselves--prep ahead of time, then relax and have fun!

How cute is the vintage coke crate, btw?  I got it at Pepe's! 

hot dogs.jpg

See you back here next week! 

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