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Friday Faves: Cities, shoes + the Blobfish!

via Fast Company

via Fast Company

Some fun favorites for your Friday: 

Fast Company's 50 Creative Ideas to Make Better Cities (illustrated in a pretty way!) 

Amazon Fresh!  We just got our first delivery this morning, and on a busy week, wow those green bags full of groceries were a sight for sore eyes!  *Free 90-day trial happening now in LA! 

The mushy, slimy World's Ugliest Animal!  

The fact that Fall is coming, and I get to wear my faux-Fryes again! 

And THIS amazing home decor transformation!! 

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Friday Favorite: Espanol!

Hola!  Me llamo Lauren.  Que tal?  Estoy muy bien, gracias! 

I'm doing something I always wanted to do, you guys--I'm learning Spanish!  Well, starting to, at least.  I took Spanish in 5th + 6th grade, but then French in high school.  Living in LA, I really wish I was fluent in Spanish because 36.7% of our city speaks  it.  

So when Parker told me about the Coffee Break Spanish podcast (of course he did), I started downloading it ASAP.  And it's amaaazing!  

I started from the very beginning, which is the basics: greetings, name, where you're from, etc.   The format does make it really easy to learn so far.  Also, the hosts are Scottish, so they are super fun to listen to even when they are speaking in their normal accents.  I actually feel like Mark + Kara are my real-life buds already.  Plus, Parker and I love singing the theme song--you'll see what I mean. 

If any of you are interested in learning Spanish (or they have other languages too), I highly recommend subscribing to the FREE podcast on their site HERE or on your mobile device!  It's easy to listen to while you're commuting, working out, washing dishes, or anytime you have a few spare minutes.  

Buenas Tardes, amigos!  Hasta luego! 


Friday Fave: I brain

As you know, my hubby tends to find awesome apps and tell me about them.   And today's app is one I use almost every single day and I love it!  You may have heard about it--I feel like they sponsor lots of things these days so I'm always hearing ads for it...



"Your brain, just brighter."  I love that.  It's a workout for your brain, and I'm not kidding you, I can seriously tell a difference after using it for about 10 minutes a day for just a few weeks!  

I have the free version, which lets you do 3 brain workouts per day and keeps track of your progress in a variety of categories: Speed, Memory, Attention, Flexibility, + Problem Solving.  Parker upgraded to the paid version, which adds additional features including 5 daily workouts and the ability to compare your results to others.  The free works great for me!

Speed match.jpg

I KILL IT on the speed games, folks.  But I literally get an actual headache on this one game called Pinball Recall.  It's for Memory and Attention, and I'm legit awful at it--unless I do this weird blinking thing at the beginning to take a mental photograph of the pinball paddles to engrain them into my memory.  Total weirdo, I know.  

Download the FREE app HERE on iTunes, or check out their WEBSITE with more info about the science behind Lumosity.  

Then hit me up and let's chat about how crazy awesome our brains are!

Just a reminder that this post is not sponsored by Lumosity.  Westside Bestside receives no compensation from companies or brands we write about, unless specifically noted! 

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Friday Fave: Uber (Promo Code)

Heyo!   So today's favorite is an bigtime favorite.  Some might even call it an uber favorite...


Hehheh, pun intended.  But anyway, we are big fans of Uber in our household!   Uber is a driver service--basically an alternative to typical taxi services (which in LA, we've not had good experiences with).  It's active in most major cities, and now it's our go-to for getting to and from the airport.  

What we love about Uber:

  • Clean + new cars 
  • Friendly drivers (every time we've used it, we make a friend!)
  • Competitive price + usually cheaper than a grody taxi
  • All payment is via credit card through the app, so no hassle with paying, and no tips allowed!  So efficient and simple + zero awkwardness.
  • App-based, easy and mobile!
  • Super quick--you choose the car closest to you, and watch it en route to you via the app--we've always been picked up within 5 minutes!
  • Standard option is a nice black car, OR there's a cheaper option called UberX
  • You rate your driver + they rate you, so it weeds out the bad eggs on both ends
  • New user PROMO CODES (all of these are verified!): CLICK HERE  

Next time your're in an Uber zone, please download the mobile app and try it out!  They are fab! 

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