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Two if by Sea | Etsy Vintage Shop

I recently revamped my Etsy shop, and it's now full of lots of fun, vintaged treasures for sale!

Two if by Sea

I LOVE thrifting/yard sales/estate sales/flea markets, and while I try to just window shop, it's easy to build up quite the collection.   Once my hubby starts throwing shade at my accumulating pile of vintage goodies, I know it's time to start selling them off!  So, yes, the shop is basically an excuse to fuel my habit.  Oops!  But of course I also want to share all my treasures with you fine people of the internet. 

I have lots of mid-century items found in LA and Palm Springs, and other items of various styles from my travels.  

Hop on over and check out the shop!  And please stop by often, as I'll continue adding new wares for you to browse and buy. 



Westie: Best Vintage Store

In last week's Westie post, I mentioned that I'd be posting soon about my happy new vintage shop discovery!  To me, there's totally a difference between a Thrift store and Vintage store...and even an Antique store.  They are all very similar, but there are fine dividing lines.  If I had to give comparisons, it might look something like this: 

  • Thrift store: least expensive, variety of styles, often cluttered + disorganized, wide-range of poor to fair condition
  • Vintage store: moderately priced, sometimes more curated to one type of style, overall more items in better condition than thrift store, store space is often styled well 
  • Antique store: most expensive, items usually in excellent condition, presented more like a showroom

Now that we're on the same page...I'd like to introduce you to our newest Westie Award winner for Best Vintage Store... 

Venice Vintage Paradise

store interior.jpg

VVP was smack in the center of Abbot Kinney for the past 10 years, but recently re-opened their doors in a new storefront at 2304 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291. 

Check out their Facebook page, where they post regular updates of new items, or their Yelp page for reviews.   

Things you should know about VVP: 

  • Their stuff is AWESOME; lots of mid-century, and everything is on trend.  
  • The store is beautiful
  • Jeanie (one of the co-owners) becomes your BFF as soon as you walk in
  • It's moderately priced, let's say $$ (as if that means anything...)
  • They have a super cute back patio, which they are open to renting out for events, photo/video shoots, etc.

Look at all these treasures! 


I've always wanted a vintage library card catalogue, and this one's a beaut! 

library catalogue.jpg

Pretty leaf-patterned textile and blankets galore! 


I liked this winged wire chair and mud cloth textile a lot. 


Any guesses on what this is?  

baby carrier.jpg

If you guessed a 1930s German baby carrier--you were right!  I guessed a carrier for a 6-pack (like this one).  Beer, babies, tomAto, tomAHto. I love the fabric and the leather details!


So, I made it home with the turquoise textile and vintage baby carrier (don't get any ideas--it's for the future or our sweet niece), hooray!  

If you're near here, please please stop into Venice Vintage Paradise.  You won't regret it!


Westie: Best Thrift Store

I love thrifting!!!!  I've mentioned before on here that I have slight hoarding tendencies (much to my husband's dismay).  I grew up yard saling with my dad and grandfather, and I think it's just in my blood to want to collect unique pieces.  So, when it comes to thrift stores, I know there will be more I'll have to talk about on here.   

And LA has some great ones!  That's one thing I appreciate about having lived in many areas of the country--each spot has very distinct styles of items at their thrift stores/flea markets.  Atlanta was mostly Southern traditional.  And, as you can imagine, there's a lot of good mid-century modern stuff floating around in these parts.   

This thrift store is just around the corner, perfect for me to drop by and check out there wares.  It sort of falls in the crack between thrift and antique store--it has quite a few large scale furniture pieces, and much less small stuff.  The family that owns it is super friendly, and although prices sometimes start a bit high, they usually are willing to do a bit of haggling. So, the Westie for Best Thrift Store goes to...

Pepe's Thrifty Shop

sign copy.jpg

Pepe's is located at 4577 Centinela Ave.  Street Parking.  Closed on Sunday.  See their Yelp info HERE

You can't miss it, because it has a big sign and looks like THIS outside:  


In LA, you just don't have a lot of space.  I mean, I know we have more than Manhattan, but it's still pretty tight.  I guess that's why Pepe's looks like the Room of Requirement inside.  It's a treasure trove, but definitely not the place where I'd want to be stuck during an earthquake!


A few goodies I spotted on this trip to Pepe's were some mid-century dressers--just need  updated hardware and some refinishing (oh, and I actually snagged that Coca Cola crate for something you'll see later on the blog)... 


This cute red industrial stool: 


And these driftwood tables...which I never really was a huge fan of, but I've been seeing them a lot recently on Pinterest (HERE), and really like the idea of white washing them like THIS ONE.  

driftwood tables.jpg

And, finally you've got to give Pepe's props for fitting everything in this small space.  I mean, *slow clap* for this stacking technique:


Mad respect, Pepe's.  So anyway, next time you need to hit up a thrift store--head on over to Pepe's and let them know Westside Bestside sent ya!  

A note: I stumbled upon an AMAZING discovery this week--so expect a similar Westie coming soon...for Best Vintage Shop!!!  Stay tuned...

Westie Award: Best Children's Boutique

So I grew up with Fisher Price and plastic toys, so I'm totally not knocking them (I  still have THIS in my parents' basement and can't wait to use it again).  But, I do love the latest trend of back-to-basics, simple, wooden kid toys that don't just feel like clutter.  (Mom friends, I may eat my shorts on this once I have kids!  I know the last priority of baby + kid stuff is to be both functional and nice to look at!)  But, it's fun to know there are some great shops out there with kid toys that you wouldn't mind leaving out with your grown up decor!  

And the Westie for Best Children's Boutique goes to... 

Kid Firefly

westie sign.jpg

Even though I don't have kiddos yet, I still love perusing this adorable shop for modern "parents, babies, and kids" at 1405 Abbot Kinney in Venice.  See all their info and online shop HERE.  

The store space itself is so bright and airy, with exposed brick and pops of color from all the fun things for your littles.  


From Splendid toddler tees and stuffed knit dolls (I wanted a mermaid one for myself!), to a neon green wheelbarrow + garden tool set--it's all just so cute and unique.  I mean, they even have "Little Bert" chairs--mini-sized Henry Bertoia inspired mid-century chairs!

knit monkeys.jpg

It is on Abbot Kinney, and the price tags reflect that.  For a girl on a budget like me, it's more of a speciality gift shop for very special munchkin occasions.  But there are so many wonderful novelty items, it's worth stopping in to ooh and ahh over!  It's a must-go if you have kiddos--your little ones will love checking out all their brightly colored toys and books.  They can even go all Hunger Games on these precious wooden bow + arrows set!

bow arrow.jpg

The owners and employees are so friendly and helpful, and you can swing over to the grown up Firefly shop just down the street while you're there!  

Be sure to let them know Westside Bestside sent ya!