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Friday Fave: Carsland


it's Friday Fave time!  aren't you excited?  this fave is one of my really really real favorites.  like, i think disneyland (close second to target) is my new happy place!  after living in LA for 5+ years, i still had not made it to disneyland.  then in the first three months of this year, i had the pleasure of going twice--wheeee!  i.  love.  disneyland.  seriously i will have to write and entire post about it, and tell you all about my favorite rides.  oh just thinking about it makes me giddy!

but today, i just want to tell you about the best part of disneyland--carsland!  i'm a huge weenie when it comes to roller coasters (read: i don't ride them), so for me to say i love this ride is a big deal.  i was scared to death before i rode it the first time, but now i'm obsessed.  the radiator springs racers is my favorite ride everrrr!  can you tell by the looks of sheer terror + excitement on my face?  (and yes, i am holding the hand of a complete stranger for comfort on my first ride.  so sue me.  luckily the thigh i'm clutching on ride #2 belongs to my brother...)

car pic 1.jpg
car pic 2.jpg

the rest of carsland is adorable!  it's a full, life-size recreation of the town in the movie, with a few small rides, shops, and food.  but mostly it's just fun to look at because it's done so well--I mean, it's Disney people.  


TIP: if you go to disneyland and want to ride radiator springs racers, make their Fastpass your very first stop when you get to the park.  the line is super long, and fastpasses run out within the first hour of the park opening!

ok, who is ready for a disney day?  seriously, i'm ALWAYS ready.  

random note, let me give you a very very important smoothie update!  this morning, i switched it up a bit from the usual recipe, and did bananas, strawberries, OJ + fresh pineapple.  oh my--you've got to add that pineapple!  breakfast tasted like a beach vacation swim up bar!

citrus trees + lemonade

final lemonade.jpg

hi all!  did everyone have a happy memorial day weekend?  having 3 days off in a row was a luxury.  we did some bike riding, swimming, BBQing, and had a bachelorette viewing party last night.  yeah, my friends and i are the coolest!  you better believe they'll be a post about the bach--it's a total guilty pleasure, and we love to have dinner together and heckle it.  (btw, if you watch the bach, and don't read knox mccoy's blog, you're missing out.)  anywayyyy...

i never really thought i'd live in a place where citrus trees grew in your yard like a normal tree.  i LOVE that about southern california!  we have a lemon tree on our property, and our adorable landlord lets us pick lemons whenever we want them!  makes me giddy for several reasons: a) i love an excuse to get back to basics and climbing a tree to clip down fruit gives me a good nature fix, and b) we can make yummy lemonade!  

lemon tree.jpg

we use the heck out of the lemons we gather, too.  not only do we make lemonade, but they look so pretty as table decor or in a bowl, and i always use it to clean our porcelain sink, and .  who knew that there were so many uses for lemons!

lemons cu.jpg
clean sink.jpg

easy homemade lemonade recipe:

  • juice of 4 lemons
  • simple syrup: 1 cup white sugar + 1 cup water
  • 3-4 cups water (to dilute)
juice cu.jpg

in a saucepan, bring water + sugar to a boil.  stir constantly until sugar has dissolved (about 10 minutes).  add simple syrup, lemon juice, and 3-4 cups of water (to taste) in a pitcher with ice.  and voila: homemade lemonade!

sugar cu.jpg

parker loves to make fresh-squeezed lemonade and incorporate other ingredients to make a summery cocktail.  a few fun recipe ideas are:

  • a splash of bourbon and muddled mint leaves
  • a dash of an herb like thyme, rosemary, or basil
  • white wine, triple sec, + citrus fruit for a tropical sangria
  • or with pomegranate, key limes, or another fruit, as a base for a margarita!

final lemonade 2.jpg
soooo yummy!  do you have any special lemonade mix-ins you like to use?  i'm always up for a fun new suggestion!
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TODAY: Bluth's Banana Stand

attention all arrested development fans!  for today only, there's a Bluth's Frozen Banana stand in downtown culver city (to promote the new netflix season)!!

banana stand 2.jpg

head over between noon-7PM today to get a free Bluth's frozen banana!  it's right by the trader joe's on culver blvd.  


  • Kitty is supposedly coming to hand out bananas at 3PM!
  • park in the says permit only, but no one said anything ;)
  • the line had gotten pretty long by the time i left...maybe 30 minutes? so give yourself some time, and don't wait until the last minute
  • if you can't go today, follow them on twitter @arresteddev for more appearances!

you know what they say...there's always money in the banana stand...

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there's a new blog in town!

hi!  welcome to westside bestside!  you may or may not have been here before, but either way, i'm glad you're here now.  as you can see, WSBS has been around for a little while.  but today is the official launch!  yay, you--you early adopter!

i'm lauren and i live on los angeles' westside.  WSBS is a resource for people who live in LA and beyond, and we'll talk a lot about the joy of creating a sense of home in a new city. 

i hope you enjoy the site enough to come back often and to share with your friends!  i love all your questions, comments, and likes, so keep 'em coming.  sign up to subscribe to our RSS feed and get regular updates.  and see the about me page to connect with our various social media accounts.

have a look around today, and see you again soon!

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