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Drybar Date

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I have two words for you: Dry. Bar.  Well, technically it's one word...Have you ever been to Drybar?!?   It's a blow dry only salon, and it's the besssst.

My Ali  is skipping town (let's not talk about it.  there are no tears left), and as a treat, her cousin gifted her and a couple friends a girls night to Drybar (thanks Anna!).  So we put on some cute outfits, polished up our makeup, and high-heeled it over to their Marina del Rey location to get our blow-out on.   

First off, the branding is genius.   Gray and white base with bright, energetic yellow everything.  Simple and perfect.   

As soon as we walked in, they handed us each a mimosa (in a yellow stemmed champagne flute).  An early score for Drybar!  We flipped through their Menu, which features styles like: The Cosmo (loose curls), Mai Tai (messy, beachy waves), and Straight Up (basically TV hair).  Then, they washed our hair (giving a little extra head massage love) and took us all to the counter, where we spent a good 45 minutes getting our hair played with and watching a chick flick.  It was the bomb.


Cutie pie! 

I was feeling torn between Mai Tai, Cosmo, and Straight Up, so my stylist said she'd do "Hollywood hair," and that sounded great to me.  I LOVED the result!  The curls were pretty tight at first and then relaxed over time.  And, I didn't wash for 2 additional days, and it kept a fun loose wave (with the aid of some dry shampoo to cut the oil on day 3).  


Loved it!  Also, Isaac, one of our stylists--I can't even.  Seriously the cutest ever.   There's a pic of all 3 of us somewhere but I can't find it?!

Anyway we followed it up with a small plates dinner at  Zengo...which is a whole other blog post. Stay tuned for a little story I like to call Edamame + Chorizo.  Yeah, that's right...And vino at Sonoma Wine Garden at the Promenade.  Sigh, it was the best. 

I don't think I'll be able to go to Drybar all the time, but for a special occasion or girls night out, it will be at the top of my list every time! 

Now...I'm off to think of the next brilliantly simple company idea... 


Friday Fave: I brain

As you know, my hubby tends to find awesome apps and tell me about them.   And today's app is one I use almost every single day and I love it!  You may have heard about it--I feel like they sponsor lots of things these days so I'm always hearing ads for it...



"Your brain, just brighter."  I love that.  It's a workout for your brain, and I'm not kidding you, I can seriously tell a difference after using it for about 10 minutes a day for just a few weeks!  

I have the free version, which lets you do 3 brain workouts per day and keeps track of your progress in a variety of categories: Speed, Memory, Attention, Flexibility, + Problem Solving.  Parker upgraded to the paid version, which adds additional features including 5 daily workouts and the ability to compare your results to others.  The free works great for me!

Speed match.jpg

I KILL IT on the speed games, folks.  But I literally get an actual headache on this one game called Pinball Recall.  It's for Memory and Attention, and I'm legit awful at it--unless I do this weird blinking thing at the beginning to take a mental photograph of the pinball paddles to engrain them into my memory.  Total weirdo, I know.  

Download the FREE app HERE on iTunes, or check out their WEBSITE with more info about the science behind Lumosity.  

Then hit me up and let's chat about how crazy awesome our brains are!

Just a reminder that this post is not sponsored by Lumosity.  Westside Bestside receives no compensation from companies or brands we write about, unless specifically noted! 

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Twilight Concerts @ Santa Monica Pier

The Twilight Concerts at Santa Monica Pier run every Thursday night over the Summer in Santa Monica.  Not that we need another excuse to get outside in a town like LA, but here's another good one!  The shows are free and run from 7-10PM.  

Photo from Flickr

Photo from Flickr

Tons and tons of people come to picnic, hang with friends, and listen to the concerts.  You can stand by the stages on the pier, or layout blankets on the beach below and to the South of it.  That's usually the more relaxing option, and what we do!  It's so fun to watch the iconic Pacific Park roller coaster and ferris wheel while you hang out and enjoy some music.  We got engaged right by the pier, so it will always be a magical place to me!

Last week's band was a bit too heavy, but the sunset sure was gorgeous!  Also, we we all a little surprised to hear that this year's series is sponsored by MySpace.  But, like the cool new Justin Timberlake-owned MySpace.  Have you seen it lately?!  It looks amazing!  

The line-up for tonight features Xavier Rudd + Nikki Jensen.  

See the complete Summer lineup and all other information on their official website HERE.  While you're there, be sure to check out the rest of the well-designed site, including what food options are available + an awesome timeline of the pier's history!! 


  • It gets CROWDED!  If you are meeting up with friends, decide on a large + strange/unique item to be your marker so they can find you in the crowd!
  • Parking is tough, so walk/bike/carpool or just plan for it to take awhile.
  • No glass on the beach--so bring those plastic cups and plastic picnic-ware! 
  • Take blankies--the beach gets chilly + breezy when the sun goes down.  

The concerts run through September 12th, so make sure you get there by then!  Maybe see you tonight!

My #1 FAQ: Celeb Sightings

Just a heads up: this post is name-drop-central.  You have been warned.

The first question I get when people find out I live in LA is: Do you see celebrities all the time?!?!  


The answer is actually, surprisingly yes.  BUT...not exactly in the way you'd think...

There have only been a couple times where I've seen celebs how you probably picture it ...lots of paparazzi, on set, or really glammed up.  Usually, they're hard to spot, and you only see them if you have a weirdly acute skill for facial recognition--which is evidently my superpower.  Really, celebrities are just normal people.  And it's nice for them to be able to blend in and have some sense of privacy since their lives are so public.  I promise I'm not a celebrity stalker, nor do I idolize them and think they are better than other people.  Please don't judge that I've noticed so many people in my days in LA.  That's my preface.  :)

With that said, here's a list of some of my most recent sightings...and maybe some from awhile back (like I said, I have a weird superpower): 

  • Ben McKenzie (the OC): outside Son of a Gun restaurant yesterday--he even photo-bombed my picture of Parker (see above); and once in NYC--double sighting--does that mean we're destined to be friends?
  • a million people at the Dodgers game this past weekend: Jason Bateman, Bryan Cranston, Eric Stonestreet (Cam), + Keith Olbermann
  • Sam Waterson from The Newsroom: walking down the sidewalk on THIS day in Manhattan Beach
  • Clark Gregg: plays Phil Coulson in Agents of SHIELD and The Avengers, by the beach
  • Will Arnett:  Ali + I were walking to Abbott Kinney, and he pulled up in his car right by us
  • John Gallagher, Jr.:  Jim from the Newsroom, at a Jon Brion concert
  • Chauncey Billups: on the bike path with my brother--he's a big sports fan, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed him
  • Julie Bowen (the mom from Modern Family): she was in the audience at a play Parker and I went to this winter--and she IS Claire Dunphy
  • Tom Hanks: sighting ever.  We passed each other in a crosswalk in Santa Monica.  We were the only ones in the crosswalk, and I about died.  
  • Josh Groban: at the Grove Farmers Market just gettin' dinner
  • Kristen Bell: at church  
  • Tony Hale: also at church--did I mention Buster is one of our elders? 
  • Emily VanCamp (Revenge): just biking down the bike path near Venice Beach
  • Kevin Bacon: also on the bike path, AND at Disneyland--does that mean I'm -2 degrees from Kevin Bacon??!? 
  • Gary Dourdan: totally random, didn't even know his name, just recognized his face and of those crime shows... 
  • Giuliana Rancic: in the lobby of the E! office building--she's super tall
  • Norm MacDonald: on a street corner in Venice, after 4th of July fireworks a couple years ago
  • Harrison Ford:  He came in to work one day to record something...he was short and his hair was fully gray.  Hans Solo's gettin' old!
  • THIS guy from LOST: at Ketchup in Hollywood
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: Biking in Venice.  The Govenator was wearing shorts, y'all.  See my Instagram for visual evidence.  
  • Will Forte (SNL): biking on Abbott Kinney
  • Michael C. Hall (aka Dexter):  Jogging at Runyon Canyon
  • Barry Watson: my 7th Heaven crush--at Finn McCools on Main St.  We totally made eye contact.
  • Devon Sawa: Ummm my all-time teenage crush!!!  At Blockbuster, LOL.  He was short, and looked e.x.a.c.t.l.y. the same as in Now + Then 
  • Weird Al Yankovic: at a Hanson concert.  Yeah, I'm serious about that one.  Double trouble. 
  • Natalie Portman: at the Hollywood farmers market--she's teeeeny
  • Sam Rockwell (Moon) + Leslie Bibb (the Skulls): grabbing dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Hollywood
  • Ian Somerhalder (from LOST): hopping into his car outside a house in Santa Monica
  • Emilio Estevez: hiking in Malibu on Valentine's Day
  • Hayden Panettierre: on set of Heroes--lots of paps at this one...
  • Jared Leto: accidentally almost hit him with my car as he was standing in the middle of the street talking to his neighbor in the Hollywood Hills--whoops!
  • Some sightings on sets include: Adam Sandler, Josh Duhamel, Tom Selleck, Keri Russell, + Ellen

Whew!  That was a lot.  I'm tired now.   Aaaand...promise I'm not crazy!  XOXO 

LA friends, who is your best celebrity sighting?  And, everybody--which celeb would you most like to see?

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