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Thanksgiving, California Style

It's almost turkey time, hooray!  Does everyone have fun and yummy plans for this year?  Since we are in flux between houses (yes, I will hopefully write home reno posts soon...), we are not hosting this year.  But a potluck with dear friends will do the trick!

I thought I could still share some Thanksgiving inspiration with you, since we hosted at our place last year.  I went with a clean + modern twist on traditional Thanksgiving decor.  It didn't hurt that all my decor was free (thanks, Nature), or something I already had.  And the beautiful, crisp Autumn sky was the perfect backdrop for our outdoor meal!


Our everyday white plates looked so fresh on earthy Kraft paper. I created a center runner of lemons from our backyard, candles, and clean foliage from a tree.  The table still felt autumnal with lighter greens and yellow, instead of traditional darker hues like burgundy, red, or hunter green. 

The first Thanksgiving I lived in LA, we had Friendsgiving on a rooftop patio.  I fell in love with outdoor dining.  I take advantage of it that as much as possible.  Sigh, have I mentioned I love LA?

outdoor dining.jpg

We had the most delicious plate of food, mostly thanks to my friend Callie, who is basically a chef.  She made some sinful gluten free versions of old Thanksgiving staples, and our pal Zak made his famous loaded deviled eggs--yum.  

plate food.jpg

Oy, I think I just gained 5 pounds just reminiscing about that plate of food.  I was pretty proud of my first solo turkey too!


This year, I'm going to make pecan pie, potato casserole (totally healthy. psyche!), and THIS delicious recipe for Sausage + Swiss Chard Stuffing--I made it a couple months ago for the Darling Magazine Friendsgiving spread photo shoot, and so I can tell you it is scrumptious from experience (anyone at that table look familiar?)!

via Michelle Mosqueda Photography

via Michelle Mosqueda Photography

Hopefully next year I can give you a peek inside hosting at our new place! 

There's SO much to be grateful for this year!  I hope you all have a wonderful day with friends, family, food and lots of thankfulness.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Twilight Concerts @ Santa Monica Pier

The Twilight Concerts at Santa Monica Pier run every Thursday night over the Summer in Santa Monica.  Not that we need another excuse to get outside in a town like LA, but here's another good one!  The shows are free and run from 7-10PM.  

Photo from Flickr

Photo from Flickr

Tons and tons of people come to picnic, hang with friends, and listen to the concerts.  You can stand by the stages on the pier, or layout blankets on the beach below and to the South of it.  That's usually the more relaxing option, and what we do!  It's so fun to watch the iconic Pacific Park roller coaster and ferris wheel while you hang out and enjoy some music.  We got engaged right by the pier, so it will always be a magical place to me!

Last week's band was a bit too heavy, but the sunset sure was gorgeous!  Also, we we all a little surprised to hear that this year's series is sponsored by MySpace.  But, like the cool new Justin Timberlake-owned MySpace.  Have you seen it lately?!  It looks amazing!  

The line-up for tonight features Xavier Rudd + Nikki Jensen.  

See the complete Summer lineup and all other information on their official website HERE.  While you're there, be sure to check out the rest of the well-designed site, including what food options are available + an awesome timeline of the pier's history!! 


  • It gets CROWDED!  If you are meeting up with friends, decide on a large + strange/unique item to be your marker so they can find you in the crowd!
  • Parking is tough, so walk/bike/carpool or just plan for it to take awhile.
  • No glass on the beach--so bring those plastic cups and plastic picnic-ware! 
  • Take blankies--the beach gets chilly + breezy when the sun goes down.  

The concerts run through September 12th, so make sure you get there by then!  Maybe see you tonight!

Guest Post: New Mom, New City

Hi friends! 

Hop on over to my friend, Jenn's, blog called New Mom, New City today.  Remember, my Spicy Mama Enchiladas?  That's her!  She asked me to be a guest contributor so I whipped a little something up for everyone to enjoy!   

iced chai.jpg

Jenn is an awesome mama of two sweet kiddos, so feel free to read her incredible birth story posts, relationship advice, and poke around the rest of her blog a bit while you're over there.

Have a great weekend--check those items of your Summer bucket lists!  See you back on Monday!


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House on 8th: Life + Style

The beauty of having friends that also blog is that on days when I don't necessarily feel like writing a big ole post [ahem today] I still have a place to point you so you have something fun to read!  The joy of it all! 


My friend Ali and her cousin Darci have an adorable blog called House on 8th (cute right?  It's where they grew up spending family time when they were kiddos).  They are both so stylish and are total mavens at gathering lots of fun and entertaining niche web finds.  I always learn so much from them! 

You'll see that today, they posted my current favorite Pinterest recipe--Mexican Corn Salad--seriously I've made it twice and it's a total hit, SO yummy!  

My other favorite posts are their fashion features--Al is my real life bestie/personal stylist so I highly recommend Ho8's fashion posts.  Love THIS one on how to replicate a super pricey Anthro look for at lot less $$.  

And there's THIS post which is SO helpful.  Let's be honest, we all love to shop at Forever 21 (even though we're more like Forever 30), but hate to rummage through the piles of clothes.  Ho8 digitally sifted through the store for us and then highlighted some of their favorites.  Nautical stripes, you will be mine!

So, head on over to visit Ali + Darci today, and let them know westsidebestside sent ya! 


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