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Finally, London

London inspiration, Part 1

Borough Market is an open-air food market we explored while in London.  Our guides handed us 20p and let us loose.  As you can see, the market was a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy!  Gorgeous colors...


How could I not get a steamy meat pie?  Steak and gravy, mmm... 


More to come... 

Drybar Date

Click thru to original photo

Click thru to original photo

I have two words for you: Dry. Bar.  Well, technically it's one word...Have you ever been to Drybar?!?   It's a blow dry only salon, and it's the besssst.

My Ali  is skipping town (let's not talk about it.  there are no tears left), and as a treat, her cousin gifted her and a couple friends a girls night to Drybar (thanks Anna!).  So we put on some cute outfits, polished up our makeup, and high-heeled it over to their Marina del Rey location to get our blow-out on.   

First off, the branding is genius.   Gray and white base with bright, energetic yellow everything.  Simple and perfect.   

As soon as we walked in, they handed us each a mimosa (in a yellow stemmed champagne flute).  An early score for Drybar!  We flipped through their Menu, which features styles like: The Cosmo (loose curls), Mai Tai (messy, beachy waves), and Straight Up (basically TV hair).  Then, they washed our hair (giving a little extra head massage love) and took us all to the counter, where we spent a good 45 minutes getting our hair played with and watching a chick flick.  It was the bomb.


Cutie pie! 

I was feeling torn between Mai Tai, Cosmo, and Straight Up, so my stylist said she'd do "Hollywood hair," and that sounded great to me.  I LOVED the result!  The curls were pretty tight at first and then relaxed over time.  And, I didn't wash for 2 additional days, and it kept a fun loose wave (with the aid of some dry shampoo to cut the oil on day 3).  


Loved it!  Also, Isaac, one of our stylists--I can't even.  Seriously the cutest ever.   There's a pic of all 3 of us somewhere but I can't find it?!

Anyway we followed it up with a small plates dinner at  Zengo...which is a whole other blog post. Stay tuned for a little story I like to call Edamame + Chorizo.  Yeah, that's right...And vino at Sonoma Wine Garden at the Promenade.  Sigh, it was the best. 

I don't think I'll be able to go to Drybar all the time, but for a special occasion or girls night out, it will be at the top of my list every time! 

Now...I'm off to think of the next brilliantly simple company idea... 


Goodbye to Summer Nails

HI!  Did your Labor Day weekends + parties turn out to be fun, festive, yummy, and relaxing?  I hope so!  Maybe you were able to use some of our tips and recipes from the past week

I know it's supposedly now the end of Summer, but I just can't let it go.  Partially because I just miss it already and that it flew by!  But also, because we are having a heat wave here in LA and even the Westside (which is typically mild and breezy) is hot and [slightly] humid.  I mean, it's no Hotlanta, but most homes on the Westside don't have AC (including mine) since we don't normally need it, so I am sweating my giblets off in that little oven of a house.  Especially at night.  Oy!

Anyway... You already know I like bright nails so it will come as no surprise that Clambake by Essie is how I'm closing out real summer/ushering in Indian Summer.  Its orangey-reddish delightfulness just makes me want to dip a giant lobster in a giant tub of drawn butter.  Lobster Fest with me anyone? 

essie clambake orange.jpg

If you're in the heat-wave zone, I officially give you permission to wear this polish for at least 2 more weeks.  And to wear white pants and shoes.  Yes, I have that power. 

House of the Year via Emily Henderson

Do you all follow Emily Henderson?  Some things she does are a bit too quirky for me but overall I just love her style.  It's eclectic + has a lot of mid-century modern influences, which you know I love

She has a show on HGTV called Secrets From a Stylist, which is where I first heard about her.  Her blog is great, and I follow her Instagram to see all her flea market finds--she was just at the Rose Bowl this weekend.  Love that she's close to home!

This year, she got picked by Country Living to style their House of the Year (read about the concept HERE) a Hurricane Sandy-stricken beach bungalow.  And I'm loving most everything about it!!!  Color palette (aqua, teal, white, reds, + vintage rugs!!!), overall style, patterns, sigh.  You can check out her series of befores and afters, but here are a few of my favorite finished rooms so far: 

Living Room via Style by Emily Henderson

Living Room via Style by Emily Henderson

Kitchen via Style by Emily Henderson

Kitchen via Style by Emily Henderson

Bathroom via Style by Emily Henderson

Bathroom via Style by Emily Henderson

May I please live here!?!?