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I live here.

Even after living here for so long, I still have a moment most days where I think, I live here.  It's amaaaazing, and I LIVE here!

After a long day at work yesterday, the last thing I wanted to think about was cooking and dishes...and the hubs read my mind.  Sigh...he's the best!  :)  We hopped in the car with our Papa John's pepperoni pizza (garlic. sauce.), orange Crushes, blanket, and hopes for a beautiful sunset.  And boy, we were not disappointed!

photo 1.JPG

Thank goodness for always having a camera phone in our pockets nowadays. Blurry, but you get the idea...

photo 4.JPG

Love this guy!  

photo 2.JPG

Nothing beats an impromptu beach date night with my man and art courtesy of God's paintbrush.  Stunning! 

photo 3.JPG
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Twilight Concerts @ Santa Monica Pier

The Twilight Concerts at Santa Monica Pier run every Thursday night over the Summer in Santa Monica.  Not that we need another excuse to get outside in a town like LA, but here's another good one!  The shows are free and run from 7-10PM.  

Photo from Flickr

Photo from Flickr

Tons and tons of people come to picnic, hang with friends, and listen to the concerts.  You can stand by the stages on the pier, or layout blankets on the beach below and to the South of it.  That's usually the more relaxing option, and what we do!  It's so fun to watch the iconic Pacific Park roller coaster and ferris wheel while you hang out and enjoy some music.  We got engaged right by the pier, so it will always be a magical place to me!

Last week's band was a bit too heavy, but the sunset sure was gorgeous!  Also, we we all a little surprised to hear that this year's series is sponsored by MySpace.  But, like the cool new Justin Timberlake-owned MySpace.  Have you seen it lately?!  It looks amazing!  

The line-up for tonight features Xavier Rudd + Nikki Jensen.  

See the complete Summer lineup and all other information on their official website HERE.  While you're there, be sure to check out the rest of the well-designed site, including what food options are available + an awesome timeline of the pier's history!! 


  • It gets CROWDED!  If you are meeting up with friends, decide on a large + strange/unique item to be your marker so they can find you in the crowd!
  • Parking is tough, so walk/bike/carpool or just plan for it to take awhile.
  • No glass on the beach--so bring those plastic cups and plastic picnic-ware! 
  • Take blankies--the beach gets chilly + breezy when the sun goes down.  

The concerts run through September 12th, so make sure you get there by then!  Maybe see you tonight!

Friday Faves: a solid batch!

I guarantee I'll expand on some of these more later, but here's a handful of my current faves!
Gray Malin Photography

Gray Malin Photography

  • Gray Malin Photography:  (above) He does a series of beaches and oceans from above, and I really want to invest in one this year.  Our engagement, honeymoon, and everyday life have taken place on beaches that he's photographed, so there are several pieces of his I'd like to buy! 
  • Dine LA: I'm SO late on this (what kind of a blogger am I?!) but you if you can go tonight, do it!
  • Santa Monica Pier Twlight Concerts: We went last night, and it's so fun.  We're big fans of the beach at night.  This goes through September 12th, so head on out and take a picnic! 
  • The New Girl:  I know I'm late to the game on this one, but I saw the pilot and it didn't click with me.  But now I'm on board.  Schmidt?!  I mean...
  • Katy Perry: Part of Me:  Never thought a documentary about a pop star could change my life, but seriously this one did.  She's so talented, and it's a heartwarming/breaking look into a life of fame.  I have a whole new respect for her.  Netflix stream that ish.  
  • Beth Moore studies:  I'm on my second study now--James: Mercy Triumphs--and these are SUCH a blessing to me.  It's amazing!  I learn so much; they are seriously like taking a class on the Bible.   
  • Heads Up App Game from Ellen:  A classic party game in app form.  The best part is it records your game and it's hilarious to watch back!
  • The Art of Clean Up:  I want this book!  Saw it in a bookstore, and if you have any ounce of OCD, please look at it.  The alphabet soup one is amazing. 
  • 40 Days of Dating:  A verrry interesting social experiment where 2 friends date for 40 days...Can't.stop.reading.

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you back on Monday!  Mmmwah!


Happy 1st Day of Summer!

it's officially heeeeere!  and you better believe i'll be spending most of my weekends at this bad boy:  

lifeguard 28.jpg

but, i also want to make sure and cram in as much summery fun as possible.  i've been inspired by my friend, Krysta, to make a summer bucket list, so here goes! 

My Summer Bucket List

what's on your Summer Bucket List?