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Blue Star Donuts

Last November, we took a long-weekend trip up to Portland to soak in some true Fall weather (which I'm wishing I could do now, in this nonstop heat wave!).  We ate a ton of delicious food, but one of our favorite stops was Blue Star Donuts.  

Blue Star Donuts PDX

They specialize in a tasty brioche based dough and handcrafted, unique flavors. Each donut is perfectly crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  All the noms.

To my delight, they just opened a store on Abbot Kinney in Venice.  Yippee!  That made a 9 month + pregnant mama very happy indeed.  This time, we tried Mexican Hot Chocolate, Blueberry Bourbon Basil, and went all in on our favorite Portland flavor, Lemon Poppyseed (though this time it was glazed on an old fashioned style donut). 

Donuts Venice

Hands down, Lemon Poppyseed and regular Old Fashioned are at the top of my Blue Star list, but I can't wait to go back and try more flavors.  

Though there isn't any seating at the new Venice location, donuts are pricer than your corner shop, and the line was a tad long, these little bites of heaven are worth it!  Literally salivating.

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Make Sausage Not War


YUM! This past weekend, as we were shopping for countertop slabs, we popped in for a quick lunch at a nearby place we found on Yelp.  And it was delicious!  

Seoul Sausage Co.

One of the owners served us and he was super friendly.  The company was started by brothers who first opened a food truck a year ago with a new way to eat Korean BBQ.  They have a great spot in West LA with a poppy art wall, and a kickin playlist.  

interior ss.jpg

I love places that have small menus.  You might as well do just a few things really well, you know?   

We got the Galbi beef and Spicy pork sausages, and a Flaming Ball, which was our favorite!  It's a deep fried, spicy rice ball with DMZ sauce.  Mmmmm.  

art wall.jpg

Highly recommended all around!  



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Westie: Best Breakfast Sammy

veggie rad.jpg

And after a long week of work last week, I sadly didn't even have the umph to get up on Saturday and make one.  So, instead, we ran over to Flake in Venice to get my favorite breakfast sammy ever!   And, now they are getting a Westie--hooray!  Best Breakfast Sandwich goes to...


Flake westie sign.jpg

They are small and always hopping, so there will be a line but it goes quick.  All the sandwiches are delicious, but my absolute favorite is the Veggie Rad Muffin (see above: english muffin, avocado, egg, cheese, spicy sauce + veggie sausage)!   

Flake exterior.jpg

Parker got the Super Cro-Jo, which was a mouthful of goodness too.  

super cro jo.jpg

Head on over to Flake in Venice and prepare for your taste buds to do a cute little dance! 


Grab a bite on Venice Beach

I just kind of assumed that most of the beachside restaurants in Venice were tourist traps; overpriced, concession stand food, and cheesy beach-themed decor (except for the super nice places like Piccolo).  

But, a friend told us about this place called Larry's right down by Venice Beach, so we went this week.  


Photo by: LA Times

Photo by: LA Times

It was a total surprise--not sure how I've missed it before!

The ambience is super cozy and beachy, with tons of outdoor seating.  And the food was really good!  I ordered one of the specials: short rib over a fried polenta cake (so crispy-YUM!), served with grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus.  Everything was yummy!  Parker had the burger which was OK.  

photo 1.JPG

I forgot how magic Venice can feel on a warm summer night.  

photo 3.JPG

Their claim to fame is that nothing is over $15, which for this side of town is quite the deal!  You can check out their YELP or Website/Menu.  They are located at 24 Windward Ave., oceanfront. 

So, if you're in town and want reasonably-priced Venice Beach food that doesn't suck--make your way over to Larry's.   

And thanks, Riss, for the recommendation!


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