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Downtown LA Adventure


Oh we had such a fun spontaneous Saturday this past weekend!  When Parker suggested we head downtown to advench, my eyes lit up and all I could think was TRAIN!!!  For those of you who don't know, I luuuuv public transportation.  So this. was. exciting!

Now, I'm usually more of a planner, and the hubs loves to have zero plans.  But we strike a nice balance.  Here's the thing, I LOVE doing spontaneous things too, I just a) like to have fun things to look forward to, and b) know ahead of time if the whole day is going to be open for said spontaneity, so I know it won't just be wasted.  Can I get an amen?  But anyway, this was a lovely full day of no plans and everything turned out so fun! 

I hopped on a literal train (LA Metro) and a figurative one (the VSCO Cam bandwagon) this weekend.  If you don't have this photography app, you should get it HERE, it's pretty ballin.   So most of the shots you see below are iPhone/VSCO combos.  


If you live in LA or are visiting, you have to make this trip.  Now that the Expo Line is extended to Culver City, and soon to be Santa Monica beach, it's so easy and accessible!  And, it's such a cheap way to head downtown.  There's a huge free lot at the Culver City metro stop (free LA parking FTW!).  We only spent $3 each for the round trip.  So overall we saved about $20 on parking, gas, and road rage.  DO IT!

Downtown is chocked full of little joys.  There's so much to see.  And, it was a full afternoon--making us feel like we went on a mini-vacation.  The best!

Disney Concert Hall:  Stunning!  Adding a dressy concert date to the Winter bucket list now...


The Last Bookstore:  uh-mazing!  totally Harry Potter


Inspired by that flying books art installation above.  And there were penny tile + books-by-color galore! 


Baco Mercat  for an early dinnerget in my belly again please!



"It was the best day!"  Name that quote, anyone?  ;)

We always talk about wanting to hop a train for a trip on a whim.  Maybe next time we'll go farther away!  What's the most memorable spontaneous trip you've taken? 

Restaurant Spotlight: Creation Grill

Creation Grill.jpg

Hey guys!  Hope you all had a fab 4th!  We sure did, as you saw from all the photos yesterday.  And now we're back and hitting the ground running!

As you've probably guessed, I'm always up for trying new restaurants on the Westside (and beyond, of course).  And now with the blog, I have an extra good excuse to do so!  ;)  Two weeks ago, I went to a new spot in Santa Monica called Creation Grill with my foodie friend, Sharon.    

I love Mediterranean/Greek food, but typically just go to cheapy spots like Daphne's or Gaby's (local chains).  They are good, but definitely lack ambience--let's just say, they're more take-out than dine-in.  So, when we found this place, and I realized the food is DELICIOUS and my lunch was only about 10 bucks, I was sold!  

Creation Grill

Check out their site, menu, and location info HERE

What I loved about it: 

  • $10ish lunch (pretty standard for LA)
  • Generous portion size (I could have taken home half for leftovers, but it was so good, I ate it all, whoops!)
  • Delicious quintessential Greek food!  The hummus was perfect, and that's hard to do.  
  • Cute ambiance (exposed brick, subway tile, rustic wood accents, modern pops of chartreuse)
  • Great, central Santa Monica/Ocean Park location
  • Super friendly employees
  • And...they serve Intellegensia coffee

I had a refreshing Arnold Palmer with their special organic ginger plum tea.  


And a yummy steak kabob plate (with hummus, pita bread, rice) and a mini Greek salad. Make sure to order the garlic sauce!   

greek salad.jpg

It was a perfect lunch spot, and a great deal for the price!  I'll definitely be going back soon!  Anybody want to join me?

Next time you go, let them know Westside Bestside sent you!

The Bachelorette + Kogi Tacos

Kogi tacos.jpg

 hey guys, hope you had a great weekend!  i think we kicked the last bit of June gloom yesterday--we rang in July with a sun-filled day on the beach!  (don't worry, there was lots of water and sunscreen)

so, how many of you watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette?  (i'm raising my hand).  yeah yeah it's ridiculous.  i blame my friend, whitney, who got me started back in the olden days when spaghetti straps, chokers, and chunky highlights were in style--seriously, check out this blast from the past

well, anyway, we've come a long way, The Bach and me.  and now, it's a weekly event where we watch with friends, make dinner, and heckle the crap out of it.  our latest target is Chris Harrison's wardrobe--i mean seriously does he have the same stylist as Cam? 

anyway, tonight we are making tacos, and now i'm starving and drooling over the memory of THESE may have heard of the Kogi Truck, it started the craze of foodtrucks in LA a few years ago.  they branched off from this restaurant called The Alibi Room which is just down the street from us (read: danger!), so when we're at a loss, we often grab Korean BBQ tacos and perfectly crispy spicy sriracha fries.  they are SO. GOOD. 

taco CU.jpg
fries CU.jpg

we also love straight-up carne asada tacos when we need a quick fix.  we get those at Pepe's, which i blogged about HERE.   

ok, it's officially lunch time now...let me know who you think is getting the boot tonight on the Bach!  i think Meaty James is just biding his time at this point...


Baci on Main

baci sign.jpg

If you find yourself on Main Street in Santa Monica, you'll notice most boutiques and shops are pretty pricey.  There are a few affordable places for us normal folk, though, and one of my favorite is a little shop called Baci.   

@ 2724 Main St., Santa Monica

earrings baci.jpg

They always have a bunch of tops, dresses, and inexpensive jewelry.  And they often have $20 sales.  This summer they are not short on neon!

neon shirts baci.jpg

It's always worth stopping in at a new place even in an upscale area, because you never know what you might discover!