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Another Free Font: Dottie

Hey all!  My last font giveaway was a huge success so I wanted to create another one to share with you lovely readers.  As you know, I create my fonts with the app iFontMaker, which is so much fun to use.

This font is called Dottie, and I'm giving it away to all my subscribers for free!  Please just enter your email address in the subscriber feed on the right sidebar----> by the end of the day Friday, July 12th and I'll email you the link to download the font on Saturday!

Dottie Intro JPG large.jpg

I think Dottie would be super cute on a little girl's birthday party card, for a Summer BBQ invite, or on a name tent at a bridal or baby shower.  It's oh so Summery.  Hope you can find a fun place to use her!  

Oh, and if you have any other font needs or suggestions, post a comment below, and I'll try to make a fun new one again soon!  Tata, for now!


hot off the press: 11/22/63


my latest favorite read is 11/22/63 by stephen king.  

won’t say too much about it because it’s so good and juicy, and i don’t want to ruin anything!  but if you like suspense and history and time travel, you’ll love it.  it’s a chunky one, so it’s a commitment.  but once you start it’s hard to put down!  it's officially in my top 10 favorite books now (and considering that hp 1-7 are also in there, that's saying something).

also, word from the west coast is that JJ Abrams' company, bad robot, is now in talks to make 11/22/63 into a miniseries.  AACK!  you better read it before it's on TV, so you can get all the meaty bits they have to take out for time's sake.  woh woh.  

pop on over and be my friend on GOOD READS.  i'm now deep in the throes of gone girl, and can't wait to let you know how that one turns out.  and, since i'm a working woman, i'm going to hop on the lean in train.

what's your favorite book these days?

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