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Friday Favorites: HP, Secret Santa + more...

Happy Friday!  Some of my favorites from this week...

Photo from

Photo from

If you know me at all, you'll know that Meyers Briggs personality profiles and Harry Potter are two of my FAVORITE things!  And here they have been smushed together?!?!  Looks like I'm Lily Potter--who are you?  CLICK HERE!

I'm totally signing up for the largest Secret Santa in the world on Reddit!!  Who's with me?

30 Seconds to Mars' amazing, heartfelt video about LA.    Love this city!

Touching Skype video...many tears... 

Putting time in perspective, some cool graphs

 THIS amazing tumblr about Blue Shirt Bros, chronicling something we all see every day.

More London recaps and new house "before" pics coming next week!   Have a great weekend!


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Friday Faves: Cities, shoes + the Blobfish!

via Fast Company

via Fast Company

Some fun favorites for your Friday: 

Fast Company's 50 Creative Ideas to Make Better Cities (illustrated in a pretty way!) 

Amazon Fresh!  We just got our first delivery this morning, and on a busy week, wow those green bags full of groceries were a sight for sore eyes!  *Free 90-day trial happening now in LA! 

The mushy, slimy World's Ugliest Animal!  

The fact that Fall is coming, and I get to wear my faux-Fryes again! 

And THIS amazing home decor transformation!! 

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Friday Faves

It's almost the weekend!!!!  Here's what's on my mind...



Still thinking about JT's VMA performance + N*SYNC surprise!

My sweet friend, Jen, gave me these Pantone note cards--love 'em!

Not that I'm encouraging vigilantes, but this girl's bike thief story is pretty awesome.

This random video that my friend, Dustin, just showed me.  DYING.

Frozen slushie beer!!?!?!? How did I not know they had this at Dodgers games?


Have a fab weekend!  See you next week :) 


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Friday Favorites: Space Jam edition

  • Songza--I have to do a whole post for this app soon.  It's like Spotify but with their amazing concierge for music genres by mood.  90s Feel Good Hits are my jam!
  • Lobster Fest!--I think I love lobster mainly as a vehicle for butter, but I'm totally up for going to this... 
  • This Buzzfeed article...although it makes me feel VERY old.  The current class of 2017 was born in 1999 you guys!!!!!??!?!
  • And THIS Buzzfeed also--specifically the ORIGINAL 1996 Space Jam website.  I mean...there are no words for how incredible this truly is. 
  • These pants!  Any time comfy pants can be disguised as real pants, I'm all for it.
  • Oven Love Blog!  I've used some of Natalie's recipes, like for my orange creamsicles, and now we are featuring each other on our sites.  She's super creative with her recipes for all diet types--check her out!

Have a fab weekend!  You won't want to miss next week--a whole slew of posts to inspire your Labor Day parties!  Hasta! 

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