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Two if by Sea | Etsy Vintage Shop

I recently revamped my Etsy shop, and it's now full of lots of fun, vintaged treasures for sale!

Two if by Sea

I LOVE thrifting/yard sales/estate sales/flea markets, and while I try to just window shop, it's easy to build up quite the collection.   Once my hubby starts throwing shade at my accumulating pile of vintage goodies, I know it's time to start selling them off!  So, yes, the shop is basically an excuse to fuel my habit.  Oops!  But of course I also want to share all my treasures with you fine people of the internet. 

I have lots of mid-century items found in LA and Palm Springs, and other items of various styles from my travels.  

Hop on over and check out the shop!  And please stop by often, as I'll continue adding new wares for you to browse and buy. 



Friday Favorites: HP, Secret Santa + more...

Happy Friday!  Some of my favorites from this week...

Photo from

Photo from

If you know me at all, you'll know that Meyers Briggs personality profiles and Harry Potter are two of my FAVORITE things!  And here they have been smushed together?!?!  Looks like I'm Lily Potter--who are you?  CLICK HERE!

I'm totally signing up for the largest Secret Santa in the world on Reddit!!  Who's with me?

30 Seconds to Mars' amazing, heartfelt video about LA.    Love this city!

Touching Skype video...many tears... 

Putting time in perspective, some cool graphs

 THIS amazing tumblr about Blue Shirt Bros, chronicling something we all see every day.

More London recaps and new house "before" pics coming next week!   Have a great weekend!


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Grab a bite on Venice Beach

I just kind of assumed that most of the beachside restaurants in Venice were tourist traps; overpriced, concession stand food, and cheesy beach-themed decor (except for the super nice places like Piccolo).  

But, a friend told us about this place called Larry's right down by Venice Beach, so we went this week.  


Photo by: LA Times

Photo by: LA Times

It was a total surprise--not sure how I've missed it before!

The ambience is super cozy and beachy, with tons of outdoor seating.  And the food was really good!  I ordered one of the specials: short rib over a fried polenta cake (so crispy-YUM!), served with grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus.  Everything was yummy!  Parker had the burger which was OK.  

photo 1.JPG

I forgot how magic Venice can feel on a warm summer night.  

photo 3.JPG

Their claim to fame is that nothing is over $15, which for this side of town is quite the deal!  You can check out their YELP or Website/Menu.  They are located at 24 Windward Ave., oceanfront. 

So, if you're in town and want reasonably-priced Venice Beach food that doesn't suck--make your way over to Larry's.   

And thanks, Riss, for the recommendation!


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I live here.

Even after living here for so long, I still have a moment most days where I think, I live here.  It's amaaaazing, and I LIVE here!

After a long day at work yesterday, the last thing I wanted to think about was cooking and dishes...and the hubs read my mind.  Sigh...he's the best!  :)  We hopped in the car with our Papa John's pepperoni pizza (garlic. sauce.), orange Crushes, blanket, and hopes for a beautiful sunset.  And boy, we were not disappointed!

photo 1.JPG

Thank goodness for always having a camera phone in our pockets nowadays. Blurry, but you get the idea...

photo 4.JPG

Love this guy!  

photo 2.JPG

Nothing beats an impromptu beach date night with my man and art courtesy of God's paintbrush.  Stunning! 

photo 3.JPG
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