Fireplace Makeover

One DIY house project that had immediate results (yay!) and big impact was our fireplace makeover.  

You may remember, we inherited a fireplace with orangey-red brick and the occasional rogue black zebra stripe.  It was like a nice lady with a bad perm--poor thing, just stuck in the 80s.

So, with the help of my sweet mother-in-law, we decided to whitewash it to bring it into this millennium.  It was time. 

Whitewashing was SO simple!  All you do is...

  • Wipe all the brick clean with a damp cloth and then let it dry fully
  • Dilute white paint with water (we used our leftover white wall paint, and started with equal parts paint + water--you can always adjust once you assess a test patch)
  • Start with a spot that's a bit out of the way...
  • Brush paint mixture onto the brick, then wipe away--immediately or within 30-ish seconds--with a cloth (any clean rag will do)
  • Step back and see how it looks!  To change the opacity of the paint, you can always...
    • adjust the thickness of the paint mixture
    • do multiple coats
    • or let it soak in on the brick longer before wiping away
  • There's no right or wrong way to do this, which I love!

Voila!  Here's our finished product...

Also, we didn't have a mantel--it was just a ledge, one brick deep.  Nowhere to hang stockings at Christmas?!  That's a serious problem in my book.  So, we hired a carpenter to build some built-in shelves (which you'll see more of later), and also had him do a very simple mantel.  

So here's the current state of things!

We loved our carpenter, and recommend him if you're in the LA area!  See Chapin Custom Carpentry for more info. 

More to come...

Posted on September 24, 2014 and filed under home, pretty.