Grab a bite on Venice Beach

I just kind of assumed that most of the beachside restaurants in Venice were tourist traps; overpriced, concession stand food, and cheesy beach-themed decor (except for the super nice places like Piccolo).  

But, a friend told us about this place called Larry's right down by Venice Beach, so we went this week.  


Photo by: LA Times

Photo by: LA Times

It was a total surprise--not sure how I've missed it before!

The ambience is super cozy and beachy, with tons of outdoor seating.  And the food was really good!  I ordered one of the specials: short rib over a fried polenta cake (so crispy-YUM!), served with grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus.  Everything was yummy!  Parker had the burger which was OK.  

photo 1.JPG

I forgot how magic Venice can feel on a warm summer night.  

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Their claim to fame is that nothing is over $15, which for this side of town is quite the deal!  You can check out their YELP or Website/Menu.  They are located at 24 Windward Ave., oceanfront. 

So, if you're in town and want reasonably-priced Venice Beach food that doesn't suck--make your way over to Larry's.   

And thanks, Riss, for the recommendation!


Posted on September 4, 2013 and filed under LA, restaurant, yummy.