Goodbye to Summer Nails

HI!  Did your Labor Day weekends + parties turn out to be fun, festive, yummy, and relaxing?  I hope so!  Maybe you were able to use some of our tips and recipes from the past week

I know it's supposedly now the end of Summer, but I just can't let it go.  Partially because I just miss it already and that it flew by!  But also, because we are having a heat wave here in LA and even the Westside (which is typically mild and breezy) is hot and [slightly] humid.  I mean, it's no Hotlanta, but most homes on the Westside don't have AC (including mine) since we don't normally need it, so I am sweating my giblets off in that little oven of a house.  Especially at night.  Oy!

Anyway... You already know I like bright nails so it will come as no surprise that Clambake by Essie is how I'm closing out real summer/ushering in Indian Summer.  Its orangey-reddish delightfulness just makes me want to dip a giant lobster in a giant tub of drawn butter.  Lobster Fest with me anyone? 

essie clambake orange.jpg

If you're in the heat-wave zone, I officially give you permission to wear this polish for at least 2 more weeks.  And to wear white pants and shoes.  Yes, I have that power. 

Posted on September 3, 2013 and filed under pretty, style.