Fall TV Show Lineup

Hi!  It's been awhile.  Work is crazy in these parts...so I'm sorry I've been a bit MIA.  With Fall coming up, I hope I have some more free time to post about about some delicious pumpkiny flavored treats and Halloween inspiration (Halloween is my favorite holiday!!!).  I just had my first PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte, duh) of the season, so even though we don't have leaves on the ground it feels like it's officially Fall!  


Until then, can we talk about the Fall TV lineup for a minute?!   I'll try to stay away from any spoilers, but AACK, I'm just so excited to see where we start off with the new seasons of these shows!!!

Parenthood: love that family!!!  Can they be real?

Homeland: ummm Cliffhanger anyone?!?!  Can't wait for this one...

Scandal: Total guilty pleasure...but I'm excited to see where we pickup with Kerry and her cute self.

Top Chef: New Orleans: so much for trying not to eat after 8PM...

Modern Family: always a good laugh.  I haven't seen this week's ep yet, so that's on tap for this weekend! 

New Girl: still catching up on Season 2--shhhh! 

Revenge: another guilty pleasure.  Another major cliffhanger people!??!

Oh the joy of it all...If you need a refresher, TV Guide has a comprehensive list of where we left off on many many shows from last season HERE.  Spoiler alert on that for sure!

What shows are you excited to have back again??!?  So many shows, so little time...


Posted on September 27, 2013 and filed under TV.