Labor Day Party Decor

We're closing out our Westside Bestside/House on 8th Labor Day party series today, and bidding you warm wishes for your own holiday parties on this long weekend!  Hope you have a delicious, refreshing, + relaxing Labor Day!  

coke crate.jpg

Some tips for party decor, etc. are:

  • Use what you have!  I didn't go out and buy any extra items for decorating, except for these gorgeous gladioli what were $2.50 at the grocery!
  • Let your food + drinks be a part of the decor
  • Don't get too matchy matchy--it was feeling a little Coca-Cola themed, so we threw in some other mismatched plates and textures to mix it up
  • Choose drinks and food that people can make themselves--prep ahead of time, then relax and have fun!

How cute is the vintage coke crate, btw?  I got it at Pepe's! 

hot dogs.jpg

See you back here next week! 

Posted on August 30, 2013 and filed under party, pretty.