Friday Favorites: HP, Secret Santa + more...

Happy Friday!  Some of my favorites from this week...

Photo from

Photo from

If you know me at all, you'll know that Meyers Briggs personality profiles and Harry Potter are two of my FAVORITE things!  And here they have been smushed together?!?!  Looks like I'm Lily Potter--who are you?  CLICK HERE!

I'm totally signing up for the largest Secret Santa in the world on Reddit!!  Who's with me?

30 Seconds to Mars' amazing, heartfelt video about LA.    Love this city!

Touching Skype video...many tears... 

Putting time in perspective, some cool graphs

 THIS amazing tumblr about Blue Shirt Bros, chronicling something we all see every day.

More London recaps and new house "before" pics coming next week!   Have a great weekend!


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