Friday Favorite: Espanol!

Hola!  Me llamo Lauren.  Que tal?  Estoy muy bien, gracias! 

I'm doing something I always wanted to do, you guys--I'm learning Spanish!  Well, starting to, at least.  I took Spanish in 5th + 6th grade, but then French in high school.  Living in LA, I really wish I was fluent in Spanish because 36.7% of our city speaks  it.  

So when Parker told me about the Coffee Break Spanish podcast (of course he did), I started downloading it ASAP.  And it's amaaazing!  

I started from the very beginning, which is the basics: greetings, name, where you're from, etc.   The format does make it really easy to learn so far.  Also, the hosts are Scottish, so they are super fun to listen to even when they are speaking in their normal accents.  I actually feel like Mark + Kara are my real-life buds already.  Plus, Parker and I love singing the theme song--you'll see what I mean. 

If any of you are interested in learning Spanish (or they have other languages too), I highly recommend subscribing to the FREE podcast on their site HERE or on your mobile device!  It's easy to listen to while you're commuting, working out, washing dishes, or anytime you have a few spare minutes.  

Buenas Tardes, amigos!  Hasta luego!