Westie: Best Thrift Store

I love thrifting!!!!  I've mentioned before on here that I have slight hoarding tendencies (much to my husband's dismay).  I grew up yard saling with my dad and grandfather, and I think it's just in my blood to want to collect unique pieces.  So, when it comes to thrift stores, I know there will be more I'll have to talk about on here.   

And LA has some great ones!  That's one thing I appreciate about having lived in many areas of the country--each spot has very distinct styles of items at their thrift stores/flea markets.  Atlanta was mostly Southern traditional.  And, as you can imagine, there's a lot of good mid-century modern stuff floating around in these parts.   

This thrift store is just around the corner, perfect for me to drop by and check out there wares.  It sort of falls in the crack between thrift and antique store--it has quite a few large scale furniture pieces, and much less small stuff.  The family that owns it is super friendly, and although prices sometimes start a bit high, they usually are willing to do a bit of haggling. So, the Westie for Best Thrift Store goes to...

Pepe's Thrifty Shop

sign copy.jpg

Pepe's is located at 4577 Centinela Ave.  Street Parking.  Closed on Sunday.  See their Yelp info HERE

You can't miss it, because it has a big sign and looks like THIS outside:  


In LA, you just don't have a lot of space.  I mean, I know we have more than Manhattan, but it's still pretty tight.  I guess that's why Pepe's looks like the Room of Requirement inside.  It's a treasure trove, but definitely not the place where I'd want to be stuck during an earthquake!


A few goodies I spotted on this trip to Pepe's were some mid-century dressers--just need  updated hardware and some refinishing (oh, and I actually snagged that Coca Cola crate for something you'll see later on the blog)... 


This cute red industrial stool: 


And these driftwood tables...which I never really was a huge fan of, but I've been seeing them a lot recently on Pinterest (HERE), and really like the idea of white washing them like THIS ONE.  

driftwood tables.jpg

And, finally you've got to give Pepe's props for fitting everything in this small space.  I mean, *slow clap* for this stacking technique:


Mad respect, Pepe's.  So anyway, next time you need to hit up a thrift store--head on over to Pepe's and let them know Westside Bestside sent ya!  

A note: I stumbled upon an AMAZING discovery this week--so expect a similar Westie coming soon...for Best Vintage Shop!!!  Stay tuned...