Breakfast Sammies

Ahhh, the glorious breakfast sandwich.   One of life's simple pleasures.  

We don't eat these everyday, but sometimes you wake up and just want something hearty, you know?  Here are a few variations of breakfast sandwiches that we love to make in the Wilson house: 

  • The Classic: toasted + buttered english muffin, applewood smoked bacon, fried egg over-easy, sharp cheddar cheese, hot sauce, salt + pepper
  • The Californian: toasted everything bagel, cream cheese, fried egg white, avocado, provolone, Sriracha
  • The Sweet Tooth: toasted whole wheat english muffin, crunchy peanut butter or Nutella, banana slices, honey
  •  The Luchador: flour tortilla, scrambled eggs + sausage or crispy bacon, monterey jack cheese, salsa, avocado, hash browns
  • The Egg McMuffin: toasted + buttered english muffin, canadian bacon or turkey pan-seared in a skillet, egg microwaved, melted American cheese

Of course the beauty of a breakfast sandwich is that you can swap out any of the ingredients, and change up the bread for a croissant, bagel, tortilla, toast or whatever you like. 

Side note: My dear brother fondly refers to our house as "The Bacon House," because when we lived in Atlanta, our house often smelled of bacon.  Now, we probably do eat it more than the average bear, but we earned this nickname because we had terrible ventilation and it was too hot to open our windows for a breeze, so anytime we made bacon, the delicious scent hung around for days.  But really, we know it's not the healthiest, so we try not to overdo it.

Come on over to The Bacon House and I'll be your little breakfast short order cook! 

Posted on August 13, 2013 and filed under yummy.