Happy 4th of July!!

Happy Independence Day y'all!   


We are heading back to the Midwest to celebrate with family + friends.  So I have to hit up all my favorite haunts.  Disclaimer: most of them involve eating something ;)  

Where you'll find me this holiday weekend:

  • watching fireworks, whee!
  • eating Imo's Pizza and Ted Drewes  frozen custard YUM
  • cheering on the St. Louis Cards at Busch Stadium
  • Mizithra pasta at Old Spaghetti Factory
  • jetskiing at Kentucky Lake
  • flower pot bread and porkchops at Patti's
  • BBQing with family + friends
  • one of my Top 5 Ever burgers + peanut butter/banana/hot fudge shake at Belew's

What's on your holiday to do list? 

photo courtesy of: santarosaredwhiteandboom.com