Westie: Best Gym

220 exterior westie.jpg

In big cities, there are always lots of gyms.  And on the Westside, we have plenty of them.  They range from cheap 24-hour no-frills places to super pricey luxury gyms.  From I-only-eat-protein to I-only-do-yoga.  I mean we have the actual original Muscle Beach so...let's just say there are a lot of choices.  

Luckily, I found 220 Fitness...and it's delightful!

The Westie for Best Gym goes to... 

220 Fitness

3302 Main Street, Santa Monica, 90405.  Check out all their info HERE.  

Reasons I heart 220:

  • Great variety of classes (I'm a class girl). 
  • Energetic + fun instructors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Perfect size--plenty of machines, clean facility, but never overcrowded
  • Full bathrooms with showers and lockers
  • Nice employees
  • Indoor/outdoor space, separate main studio + cycling studio
  • Prime Westside location; on Main just down the street from Deluxe!
  • Free parking lot on Marine + 2nd--Ahhhhh! (bright heavenly light)
  • A quick walk to the beach
220 interior.jpg

My favorite classes are: 

  • Gravity--I'd never heard of it before 220, but it's amazing!  Full body strength + resistance training on Gravity machines.  It's hard to describe, so check out THIS video to see it.  You work out every part of your body, and use the machine is so many different ways.
  • Barre Tone--like the Bar Method, a ballet inspired full body workout, a good way to wind down 
  • Zumba, duh--high energy cardio, Latin dance/salsa inspired.  Super fun!
boxing gym.jpg

My favorite instructors are: 

  • Eve!  She teaches Gravity and some other classes.  She's super sweet, hilarious, + kicks my butt.
  • Jen: teaches Barre Tone, really calm + encouraging.
  • Allison--she's literally the Zumbabe.  Enough said.  

They have a boxing academy (extra cost), personal training packages, fun events, spinning, + yoga classes.  Something for everyone!

If you want to try out 220, head on in for a free one day pass!   And let them know Westside Bestside sent ya!