Malibu Creek Rock Pools

Hey party people!   

We just spent Saturday afternoon with some friends who were camping up in Calabasas at Malibu Creek State Park.  The hubs was sicky, so we didn't spend the night.  But we did enjoy the afternoon at this new incredible hidden gem, ate fire-grilled hobo packets (I need to post about those!), and left them with some oranges to make this ole fave

Photo credit: Mr. Muddy Suitman on Flickr

Photo credit: Mr. Muddy Suitman on Flickr

The best part of Malibu Creek are the Rock Pools!!  If you hike about a mile in, there's a huge swimming hole surrounded by multi-level cliffs on all sides that you can climb up and jump off.  Now, I'm not much of a risk taker, so to me it looked like an accident waiting to happen--but I was happy to sit back, soak in the water, and watch everyone else cliff jump.  But if you like that kind of thing you would LOVE it here.  It's for real.  

If it looks familiar, it's because several things have been filmed there, including scenes from the Swiss Family Robinson and M*A*S*H and lots of other shows/movies listed HERE

Next time, our friends and I decided it would be wise to take rafts or tubes to relax in--Drive Me Crazy-style #throwback.   

We've already decided we're totally going back here soon.  It was only a 45 minute drive from the Westside, and felt like a much further away getaway.   I can't believe I didn't know it existed until now.  Who's up for going with us one more time before the end of summer?!

Like a total noob, I didn't take any photos (luckily I did get my one second  of a girl jumping off a super high rock and almost eating it), so these photos are from online.