House on 8th: Life + Style

The beauty of having friends that also blog is that on days when I don't necessarily feel like writing a big ole post [ahem today] I still have a place to point you so you have something fun to read!  The joy of it all! 


My friend Ali and her cousin Darci have an adorable blog called House on 8th (cute right?  It's where they grew up spending family time when they were kiddos).  They are both so stylish and are total mavens at gathering lots of fun and entertaining niche web finds.  I always learn so much from them! 

You'll see that today, they posted my current favorite Pinterest recipe--Mexican Corn Salad--seriously I've made it twice and it's a total hit, SO yummy!  

My other favorite posts are their fashion features--Al is my real life bestie/personal stylist so I highly recommend Ho8's fashion posts.  Love THIS one on how to replicate a super pricey Anthro look for at lot less $$.  

And there's THIS post which is SO helpful.  Let's be honest, we all love to shop at Forever 21 (even though we're more like Forever 30), but hate to rummage through the piles of clothes.  Ho8 digitally sifted through the store for us and then highlighted some of their favorites.  Nautical stripes, you will be mine!

So, head on over to visit Ali + Darci today, and let them know westsidebestside sent ya! 


Posted on July 18, 2013 and filed under blogging, pretty, style.