Westie Wednesday: Best Underground Dinner Party

Ok, yes that's a really specific Westie category, I know.  But you know what?  It's my blog and IdowhatIwont!  If something's the best, I'm gonna tell you about it!  Also, I should disclaimer now that this is not on the West Westside of LA, but it's still LA so that's pretty far West.  And, it's just THAT. GOOD.  So...the Westie for Best Underground Dinner Party goes to...



Let me set the scene...in April we celebrated our wedding anniversary (woo WOO!), and we already had some fun plans (see: Santa Barbara).  As a total long shot, I also put our name in to get to go to this underground dinner party...and we got picked!  

There's this amazing young chef named Craig Thornton (as in, he's on lists like THIS), who started a private tasting-menu dinner party in his downtown LA loft (read: his actual living room/kitchen).  He now hosts about once a month and invites around 12 guests each time.  Then, he cooks whatever amazing gourmet menu he wants, with the help of a handful of other chefs, while you watch them in the kitchen, and serves you at his dining room table.  You meet 12 fun strangers and become friends.  At the end of the meal, each guest gets an envelope, and you leave cash in the amount you think was fair for the meal.  Pretty legit idea.  I think I heard that it's been so successful he is actually going to have a restaurant in the near future.  

Ok now for the important part, the menu!  Here are our 9 courses (please excuse the horrendous iPhone photos in low lighting, hopefully you still get the idea): 

Course 1: Ribeye steak, broccoli stalk slaw, broccoli tempura, pink lady radish flower, cheddar


Course 2: Halibut (best fish I've EVER had--it melted like butter!), cauliflower, beet, green apple, brussels sprouts (that tasted like garlic bread), calendula flower, cabbage


Course 3: Crab, snap pea juice, yuyu salad, creme fraiche


Course 4: Rabbit meatballs, chipotle, cilantro, grape, radish, cherry, onion sopes


Course 5: Pork belly, crawfish, beans, tortones, snap pea celery root remoulade


Course 6: Butternut squash inside mochi (OMG), Hen of the Woods mushrooms, baby kale, parmesan fresco, flowers, cocoa coffee sprinkles


Course 7: Quail, green tomato, deviled egg aioli, red pepper, dill, asparagus, candied peanuts


Course 8: Chocolate toffee mousse, raspberry-pistachio cake, berry sherbet, blueberry meringue


Course 9: (it tasted like a Flinstone push-up pop in the best way imaginable) Olive oil steam cake, olive oil meyer lemon parfait, lime curd, candied mandarin orange


Saliva falling on desk.   My favorites were the halibut, squash kochi + olive oil cake dessert, but everything was scrumptious.  And the presentation was stunning.

Parker and I both left saying it wasn't just the best underground dinner party meal, but the best food we've had ever.  In our whole lives.  

Here's how you can do it too:  Sign up on THIS SITE  to get on the emailing list.  And then submit yourself via email, when they announce a dinner party.  It really is amazing that we got chosen, because I hear hundreds of people enter and I know several friends who would kill to go.  If you get picked and flake out, they remove you from the list permanently, so don't be a jerk :)

Just sign up until you get it.  Seriously.