Downtown LA Adventure


Oh we had such a fun spontaneous Saturday this past weekend!  When Parker suggested we head downtown to advench, my eyes lit up and all I could think was TRAIN!!!  For those of you who don't know, I luuuuv public transportation.  So this. was. exciting!

Now, I'm usually more of a planner, and the hubs loves to have zero plans.  But we strike a nice balance.  Here's the thing, I LOVE doing spontaneous things too, I just a) like to have fun things to look forward to, and b) know ahead of time if the whole day is going to be open for said spontaneity, so I know it won't just be wasted.  Can I get an amen?  But anyway, this was a lovely full day of no plans and everything turned out so fun! 

I hopped on a literal train (LA Metro) and a figurative one (the VSCO Cam bandwagon) this weekend.  If you don't have this photography app, you should get it HERE, it's pretty ballin.   So most of the shots you see below are iPhone/VSCO combos.  


If you live in LA or are visiting, you have to make this trip.  Now that the Expo Line is extended to Culver City, and soon to be Santa Monica beach, it's so easy and accessible!  And, it's such a cheap way to head downtown.  There's a huge free lot at the Culver City metro stop (free LA parking FTW!).  We only spent $3 each for the round trip.  So overall we saved about $20 on parking, gas, and road rage.  DO IT!

Downtown is chocked full of little joys.  There's so much to see.  And, it was a full afternoon--making us feel like we went on a mini-vacation.  The best!

Disney Concert Hall:  Stunning!  Adding a dressy concert date to the Winter bucket list now...


The Last Bookstore:  uh-mazing!  totally Harry Potter


Inspired by that flying books art installation above.  And there were penny tile + books-by-color galore! 


Baco Mercat  for an early dinnerget in my belly again please!



"It was the best day!"  Name that quote, anyone?  ;)

We always talk about wanting to hop a train for a trip on a whim.  Maybe next time we'll go farther away!  What's the most memorable spontaneous trip you've taken?