Go, Dodgers!

Last night we checked off another item on my Summer Bucket List, going to a Dodgers game!  Our friends with season tickets couldn't go so we bought those, and the seats were fab (thanks Shan!)!  It was such a fun date night.  And, man, we're really on a roll with these baseball games.  Bear with my iPhone photos... 

photo copy 2.JPG

Mmmm Dodgers dogs and garlic fries, salivation commence: 

dodger dog.jpg
garlic fries.jpg

I love the stadium--it's design is so delightfully retro! 

dodgers stadium.jpg
Dodgers field.jpg

There were several exciting plays, but in the end we beat the Rockies, yahoo!  K, I'm ready for another game.  Who's with me? 

Posted on July 12, 2013 and filed under family fun, LA, yummy.