The Bachelorette + Kogi Tacos

Kogi tacos.jpg

 hey guys, hope you had a great weekend!  i think we kicked the last bit of June gloom yesterday--we rang in July with a sun-filled day on the beach!  (don't worry, there was lots of water and sunscreen)

so, how many of you watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette?  (i'm raising my hand).  yeah yeah it's ridiculous.  i blame my friend, whitney, who got me started back in the olden days when spaghetti straps, chokers, and chunky highlights were in style--seriously, check out this blast from the past

well, anyway, we've come a long way, The Bach and me.  and now, it's a weekly event where we watch with friends, make dinner, and heckle the crap out of it.  our latest target is Chris Harrison's wardrobe--i mean seriously does he have the same stylist as Cam? 

anyway, tonight we are making tacos, and now i'm starving and drooling over the memory of THESE may have heard of the Kogi Truck, it started the craze of foodtrucks in LA a few years ago.  they branched off from this restaurant called The Alibi Room which is just down the street from us (read: danger!), so when we're at a loss, we often grab Korean BBQ tacos and perfectly crispy spicy sriracha fries.  they are SO. GOOD. 

taco CU.jpg
fries CU.jpg

we also love straight-up carne asada tacos when we need a quick fix.  we get those at Pepe's, which i blogged about HERE.   

ok, it's officially lunch time now...let me know who you think is getting the boot tonight on the Bach!  i think Meaty James is just biding his time at this point...