Westie: Best Massage

it's another Westie Wednesday for you!  and today's winner is a tried and true favorite.  

if you aren't an LA regular, you may be surprised to learn that we have super inexpensive personal care services (nails, massages, waxes, etc.).  i know i was shocked when i first visited here, but in the realm of economics, it makes sense--supply and demand and blah blah blah.  but anyway, since you don't have to shell out a hundred bucks every time you want a massage, it's a more frequently attainable luxury.     

and the Westie for Best Massage goes to... 

westie massage.jpg


$39/hour.  no that's not a typo.  40 smackers for the best massage i've ever had.  worth it!

see their Yelp site HERE or just go ahead and make your appointment now at: 310-822-0555 or visit their SITE.  you will be a more relaxed and happier you in no time :)  they are open from 10am-10pm 7 days a week, and i've never had trouble scheduling an appointment.  the ambience is relaxing and cute, nicer than a lot of super cluttery places.  all the employees are very friendly, and best of all, it's just down the street:

13456 Washington Blvd. , Marina del Rey, CA 90292

TIP: my favorite masseuses are Penny and Karen, but everyone there has been great.  i prefer to get a straight up Swedish massage, but if you've never had a Thai massage, it's worth a try--there's seriously stretching i didn't know my body could do.  

for anyone visiting (or those of us that live here), i always recommend fitting in a massage while you're in town.  and now you know where to go, hooray!