Edible Candle Holders

Hey guys!  I was flipping through a magazine last week that sold weird Sky Mall-esque gadgets, and one was a circular fruit cutter.  It inspired me to use some fruits and vegetables as candle holders!  It's SO easy, and makes a really cute table centerpiece.  

fruit candles table setting.jpg

Just chop off the bottom of a fruit (in my case an orange and a lemon) so it will sit flat. Then, using your tealight candle as a size/shape pattern, cut out a segment with a serrated knife and plop a tealight candle into the hole you created.  The artichoke was even easier, because after chopping off the stem you just pull back the top leaves and place the candle inside.   

candles cu.jpg

You could use almost any fruit or veggie and match it to your color palette.  What a cheerful and quick project!