Cinespia: Summer Outdoor Movies

happy monday!  


well, be proud of me folks, i already crossed off one item from my summer bucket list that i posted on friday.  i guess setting goals really does force me to be more intentional.  hooray lists! 

one of my favorite LA summer staples is called cinespia.   once a week in the summer, a huge crowd heads to the hollywood forever cemetery (it's gorgeous and a lot of famous people are buried there) to watch a movie that they project outdoors on this huge mausoleum.  writing it out makes it seem a little eerie, but it's actually really fun.   

the man who knew too much.jpg

on saturday, we went to see "the man who knew too much," a hitchcock film starring jimmy stewart and doris day.  it was charming.  and it was a great excuse for a picnic with friends, and to bundle up in the great outdoors (ha, well it's smack in the middle of just the OK outdoors i guess).


also, it happened to be "supermoon," which i didn't even know was a thing until it happened.  and you guys, it was awesome!  i've never seen such a huge and full moon.  gorgeous.  

super moon light.jpg
super moon dark.jpg


  • buying tickets ahead of time online is a MUST
  • gates open 1.5 hours before the show, take a picnic and arrive 2 hours early at least--you'll wait in line but get a much better spot on the grounds
  • BYOB and food--make a little party out of it
  • you may think it looks silly to schlep in a ton of blankets, pillows, and low chairs, but everyone does it--you'll want to settle in and be comfy
  • no matter how warm it is during the day, it'll be chilly and damp at night so dress accordingly
  • bring socks (just trust me) 

there are a few more films on the calendar for summer, and they sell out quick, so jump on it!