Friday Fave: Uber (Promo Code)

Heyo!   So today's favorite is an bigtime favorite.  Some might even call it an uber favorite...


Hehheh, pun intended.  But anyway, we are big fans of Uber in our household!   Uber is a driver service--basically an alternative to typical taxi services (which in LA, we've not had good experiences with).  It's active in most major cities, and now it's our go-to for getting to and from the airport.  

What we love about Uber:

  • Clean + new cars 
  • Friendly drivers (every time we've used it, we make a friend!)
  • Competitive price + usually cheaper than a grody taxi
  • All payment is via credit card through the app, so no hassle with paying, and no tips allowed!  So efficient and simple + zero awkwardness.
  • App-based, easy and mobile!
  • Super quick--you choose the car closest to you, and watch it en route to you via the app--we've always been picked up within 5 minutes!
  • Standard option is a nice black car, OR there's a cheaper option called UberX
  • You rate your driver + they rate you, so it weeds out the bad eggs on both ends
  • New user PROMO CODES (all of these are verified!): CLICK HERE  

Next time your're in an Uber zone, please download the mobile app and try it out!  They are fab! 

Posted on July 5, 2013 and filed under friday fave, LA, smart, random, travel.