Neon Safari!

let's take a quick departure from the usual Westie Wednesdays today, and go on a NEON SAFARI!  

blue moon 2.jpg

eek!  i luuuuurve neon, like really love it.  i think it just makes me nostalgic for a simpler time.  i can't pinpoint exactly when this obsession started, but lately it has grown to the point where my hubby knows my if-we-ever-win-the-lottery decor dream is to have a beautiful house with white walls like a gallery and have a giant vintage neon light as a statement piece.  sigh, a girl can dream, right?

all my nerds out there will appreciate this --neon signs were super popular in the US from the 1920s to the 1960s, after a Frenchman debuted his neon tubes at the Paris Motor Show in 1910.  at first there were only a couple colors, but by the 1940s there were at least two dozen.  after the 60s, there were other more cheaper and efficient inventions in lighting, so they slowly faded away.  and now, lots of vintage neon signs are actually on historically protected lists.  

well lo and behold, the westside is chocked full of these gems!  and i've been wanting to photograph them for awhile now.  so i finally recruited a chauffeur (thanks hubs), and set about the westside to stalk my neon prey.  it was SO fun, and look at all the beauties i found!!!

johnnie's pastrami.jpg
lincoln hardware.jpg
baby blues.jpg
half moon.jpg
santa monica pier.jpg

oh these make me so happy :) 

here i am looking like the biggest tourist ever.  but sometimes you've got to sacrifice to make the magic happen! 

me photo.jpg

when we took our austin trip i noticed they had a ton of cool shops with vintage neon signs too.  i encourage you to check around your town for neon signs--it was such a fun adventure!  

p.s. if anyone really loves these photos, i may post them up on etsy and sell them as inexpensive prints.  if you're interested, please leave a comment!