Vail Style

hey party people!   just got back to the westside after a weekend trip to Vail, CO.


what i really spent most of my time looking at this weekend, was my adorable niece's perfect little face.  but to avoid plastering her sweet cheeks all across the internet, i did look away quickly enough snap a few photos around town to post here instead (if i get permission from my SIL, though, you may see that sweet baby here sometime soon). 

as i mentioned when we went on a weekend trip to santa barbara, one of my favorite things about traveling is soaking in the unique style of wherever i go.  this weekend, we traveled to Vail, Colorado to visit family.  Vail is an upscale mountain/ski town, so most of it's style is rustic and alpine, with tons of natural elements like stone and wood.  most architectural elements feature any design excuse possible to accentuate the beauty of the surrounding nature.  i'm a fan.  i also noticed a lot of copper metal, and bold colored stripe accents.

cloud reflection.jpg
aspen tree.jpg
wood table.jpg

a couple of my favorite designed spots in Vail Village are the Sonnenalp Hotel (orange/white polka dots + yellow/white stripes make me giddy!) and Hotel Gasthof Gramshammer (gray/orange/white stripes whee!). 

polka dots.jpg

i love vail's unique flavor!  have any of you been there? 

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