Friday Fave: Sherlock etc.

hey all!  we're heading out of town to visit a new baby niece this weekend (hooray!), so i'll keep these faves short but sweet.   here are a few things i'm lurving this week:

  • Sherlock: quickly climbing to the top of the list of favorite TV series; everything about it is so well done--love benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman!
  • Dale Earnheart Jr. Jr.: a fun new band! 
  • North America: another TV series, on Discovery Channel.  planet earth style.  forces me to stop and think about what a miracle this beautiful old world is!
  • brainstorming color palettes for my new bar cart makeover
  • The Intouchables (film): a touching story with a great sense of humor.  subtitles, but not pretentious. 
  • venice zipline: ok, so i'm not a thrill-seeker, but this looks pretty exciting!

have a great weekend, and i'll see you back on monday!  mmwah! 

Posted on June 14, 2013 and filed under friday fave, TV.