hanging out

when we moved into our current place, this big ole wall behind the couch was troublesome...


we plopped two large pieces of art on it and called it a day.  borrriiiing!  over time i realized that, as big as they were, they still didn't fill the space well, and they were oddly spaced.  it bugged me.  something had to be done. 

so i referred back to an old post by younghouselove about a great way to figure out an arrangement for several pieces of framed art.  enter scrap paper, tape, hammer, and nails.  

first i tried several configurations of all the art i wanted to hang...on the floor.  until i got one i liked:

on the floor.jpg

then i taped paper together to make patterns the size of each frame.  and, marked the place on the paper that coincided with where the nails go.  at that point, i hung my patterns on the wall in my asymmetrical collage. 

paper hang.jpg

next, i nailed straight through the paper on my nail mark...well almost  on my nail mark.  whoops!


and then i ripped off the paper, and hung my frames.  and voila!  so much more interesting and right for that vast wall than just the original two.   


do you have any cool picture hanging techniques?   

read more about my LA decor obsession HERE.  the above art is (clockwise from left): thrifted LAX print, honeymoon snapshot, Rifle Paper Co. LA print, and 2 of our wedding photos by the image is found (they're amazing!)

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