rose bowl flea market

exterior rose bowl.jpg

so, even though this blog clearly shows i think the westside is the bestside, i'm not a hater to other awesome parts of town.  don't hate, decorate!  that's my motto. 

this saturday i happened to turn on an episode of flea market flip on HGTV, and they were at the rose bowl flea market in pasadena, which i'd heard of but never gone to...yet.  of course i googled it immediately and found out it was happening the next day. providence!  adventure time to pasadena?  yes please!

the rose bowl flea market happens every second sunday.  and it's ahhmaaaziiiing!  (yes i sang that).  but you guys, seriously.  it's amazing!  next to target, disneyland, and home, it's one of my new happy places.  

enough of me talking about it, let's look at some pictures!  all strapped in and ready to go:

flea market ticket.jpg

if only it said westside... 

northside sign.jpg
metal letters.jpg

pit stop.  a hot dog and coke had never tasted so good.   

hot dog coke.jpg

this little trickster was hiding under a table.  i wanted him to come home with me, but 80 bucks was too much to spare. 

highway 1 sign.jpg
vintage letters.jpg

shout out to the becky-mom and her group photo collection!

football team photo.jpg

i decided we need a vintage CA state flag in our house (further fanning the flame of my decor obsession).

CA flag.jpg

so what did i actually make it home with?   

this funky + bold vintage miroflare reflector.  i'm thinking a reverse bookend? 


can't wait to revamp this hideous bar cart!   (blog project alert!)

bar cart before.jpg

one of these gorgeous recycled glass chinese floats


vintage LA dept. of parks + rec olive drab drawers  (eventually to use on my desk as a laptop riser)

olive drawers.jpg

westside bestside letter press letters!  

wb letters.jpg

are we sensing my nautical/eclectic (ooo, nauticlectic perhaps?)  vibe i'm trying to create for my very own creative home workspace?

now picture me lumbering down the broken pavement pushing my wobbly bar cart stacked high with all my treasures.  luckily, a kind family heard me rattling down the road and offered to watch my wares while i ran to the car and brought it back around. 

moral of the story: rose bowl flea market is SO worth the trip--i can't wait to go back next month!  who's with me?!