summer smoothies!

smoothie 2.jpg

in our household, we eat smoothies year round.  but this warm sunny weather is making me feel like summer is just around the corner.  so i thought i'd share one of my favorite and easy warm-weather snacks!  it also makes a yummy breakfast with a toasted english muffin and butter.  mmmm, butter.  

tip: get a good blender.  we went through three dinky ones in a year, and probably spent about the same as a better quality one.  now we have a kitchenaid and it's well worth it.

i don't use a recipe, just throw in what's around and what sounds good.  and i adjust amounts if it's for me or both of us.  start with a banana, then some yogurt--i usually use greek yogurt, or lowfat vanilla for a little extra sweetness. 


then add some berries, or any kind of fruit.  trader joes has inexpensive frozen mixed berries that i love.  i use a mix of frozen and fresh, so you get a perfect creamy consistency instead of frozen crystals or not cold enough.  


next, i pour in orange or apple juice and let it fill in all the little cracks.  you definitely need some kind of liquid to keep it smooth and help it blend.

smoothie layers.jpg

now's when i think, oh it's just too pretty to blend!  i mean seriously, look at those colors!  but then my stomach growls and so i blend it up.  and then i have a lovely orange-banana-berry smoothie just for me!

smoothie glass 2.jpg
smoothie glass1.jpg

now i just need to start adding in spinach for a green smoothie, or peanut butter powder, which i didn't even know existed until ali told me.  what do you put in your morning smoothie?

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