culver city stairs

culver city stairs

sometimes a girl's got to get some fresh air!  can i get an amen?

i get the itch a lot, growing up with lots of land and now living in this concrete jungle.  of course we have the beach, and great hikes and camping not too far away, so it's not like i live in manhattan.  but sometimes it seems like i can never truly escape the city.  

so, discovering a little gem like the baldwin hills scenic overlook in culver city is priceless.  for the first four years i lived here, i had no idea it even existed.  not sure how we missed it, actually, because it looks the giant 2012 olympics opening ceremony hill dropped smack in the middle of an industrial area.  but anyway, after moving back, we got the urge to hike and the brilliant idea to see if we could climb that big ole hill in our backyard.  

sure enough, it's made to climb.  and now it's almost a weekly routine for me.   see those bad boys above?  meet the culver city stairs.  i can get a good workout from climbing up once and then hiking down the choose-your-own-adventure-style trails back to the bottom.  i love hiking because it doesn't feel like exercise when you're looking at scenery and chatting with friends (although my quads beg to differ).

so, if you're in the area and don't want to schlep all the way to temescal or runyon (also great hikes if you have more time).  pop up jefferson into culver city, park on the street just at the base of the overlook (free street parking for the win!), and hike it up to the top--there's a 180º view from downtown to the ocean that's to die. plus, your booty will thank you. 

who wants to join me this week?

oh, and if you're ever looking for fun and free family-friendly activities, add this to your list.  there's a visitor center up top with lots of educational stations for kids! 

Posted on May 7, 2013 and filed under LA, family fun.