Friday Fave: Carsland


it's Friday Fave time!  aren't you excited?  this fave is one of my really really real favorites.  like, i think disneyland (close second to target) is my new happy place!  after living in LA for 5+ years, i still had not made it to disneyland.  then in the first three months of this year, i had the pleasure of going twice--wheeee!  i.  love.  disneyland.  seriously i will have to write and entire post about it, and tell you all about my favorite rides.  oh just thinking about it makes me giddy!

but today, i just want to tell you about the best part of disneyland--carsland!  i'm a huge weenie when it comes to roller coasters (read: i don't ride them), so for me to say i love this ride is a big deal.  i was scared to death before i rode it the first time, but now i'm obsessed.  the radiator springs racers is my favorite ride everrrr!  can you tell by the looks of sheer terror + excitement on my face?  (and yes, i am holding the hand of a complete stranger for comfort on my first ride.  so sue me.  luckily the thigh i'm clutching on ride #2 belongs to my brother...)

car pic 1.jpg
car pic 2.jpg

the rest of carsland is adorable!  it's a full, life-size recreation of the town in the movie, with a few small rides, shops, and food.  but mostly it's just fun to look at because it's done so well--I mean, it's Disney people.  


TIP: if you go to disneyland and want to ride radiator springs racers, make their Fastpass your very first stop when you get to the park.  the line is super long, and fastpasses run out within the first hour of the park opening!

ok, who is ready for a disney day?  seriously, i'm ALWAYS ready.  

random note, let me give you a very very important smoothie update!  this morning, i switched it up a bit from the usual recipe, and did bananas, strawberries, OJ + fresh pineapple.  oh my--you've got to add that pineapple!  breakfast tasted like a beach vacation swim up bar!