You smell

volcano candle.jpg

did you know that a lot of hotels and stores do scent marketing nowadays?  i'm sure if you've ever walked by an abercrombie, this doesn't surprise you.  blech.  let's just say some do it better than others...

but anyway, smell is one of the most memory-triggering senses, so companies are using it to associate a unique scent with their brand.  pretty smart.

it was funny to see this happen firsthand a couple days ago when our friends came over for a visit.  i had a candle burning, and my friend, lane, said "it smells like anthropologie in here!"  why, yes, yes it does.  

my favorite home scent is capri blue volcano, and it's delicious.  i've tried several candles over the years, but i keep going back to this one.  finding a scent for your home is a tricky don't want it to be too floral, overwhelmingly sweet, or too specific (unless it's Christmas.  you've just gotta go cinnamon).  volcano smells light, sweet, and tropical, with a hint of citrus.  mmmm i love it.  and i definitely don't mind my house smelling like one of my favorite stores.  

do any of you have a "signature scent" for your home?

p.s. photo shout out to  if you follow their blog, you should flip through their book.  lots of fun DIY ideas!

Posted on May 23, 2013 and filed under home, pretty, style.