there's a new blog in town!

hi!  welcome to westside bestside!  you may or may not have been here before, but either way, i'm glad you're here now.  as you can see, WSBS has been around for a little while.  but today is the official launch!  yay, you--you early adopter!

i'm lauren and i live on los angeles' westside.  WSBS is a resource for people who live in LA and beyond, and we'll talk a lot about the joy of creating a sense of home in a new city. 

i hope you enjoy the site enough to come back often and to share with your friends!  i love all your questions, comments, and likes, so keep 'em coming.  sign up to subscribe to our RSS feed and get regular updates.  and see the about me page to connect with our various social media accounts.

have a look around today, and see you again soon!

Posted on May 15, 2013 and filed under LA, blogging.