camping treats

hi again!  first off let me say thanks for stopping by yesterday and making it such a successful launch.  i'm thrilled, and hope you all come back often!  now then...

last weekend, we joined up with some friends for a camping trip to san clemente state beach.  yep, that's right, we californians camp on the beach (note the flip flops).  this campsite was awesome, but make sure you book about 6 months in advance.  i hear they fill up right away.  

one of our favorite things about LA is that there are so many fun trips you can do within a two hour range: from camping to snowboarding, wine tasting, to mexico. all perfect for a weekend getaway!  even though we love our home, everybody needs an escape from the routine every now and then. 

not only was this the inaugural trip for our friends' 1966 Fireball travel trailer (named Donna)--oh don't you worry, there's already a full post in the works devoted completely to donna.  she and her perfect aqua interior are ah-mazing!  also, those same friends got engaged on the trip.  yahoo!  CONGRATS maggie + ryan!!!  :D:D:D  marriage is the best!

beyond that excitement, we also had cornhole, s'mores, some delicious campfire meals--food cooked outdoors just tastes better--and lots of fun just hanging out.  we played one of my favorite group games, telephone pictionary.  it's pretty much what it sounds like.  you start with a stack of paper and write a phrase on it, then pass it around and alternate drawing that phrase, then writing a phrase about that drawing--it gets all mixed up like telephone (you don't need a game board, but it does exist here: telestrations).


but let's back up.  since childhood, my favorite thing about camping is the food.  surprised?  i think not.  parker and i were in charge of breakfast, and we made bacon and eggs...

bacon eggs.jpg

...and a little dish i learned from a friend a few years back.  i like to call it:

Orange Campfire Biscuits

peek biscuit.jpg

these biscuits cooked in orange peels are so moist and have a sweet citrus flavor with little chunks of orange on the outside.  yum!  here's how to make this easy camping treat.

what you need:

it's crucial that the fire is already going and hot before you start, so that's step 1. oh hi there cute husband!


cut an orange in half, then around the flesh, and scoop out the insides from both halves, making sure to save them to eat!  also, leave some juice and orange pulp inside the peel. 


shape the dough of one biscuit into a ball and stuff inside the peel.  you can also roll it around in there to soak up the excess juice and pulp.   


close the orange peel back up and wrap in a small square of aluminum foil--just enough to cover it.  


then, toss those puppies in the coals.  and cook for about 12 minutes.  we got the best results when we left them fully closed up until the very end to check on them.  but they're so cute and fluffy, it's hard not to peek!  you can also cook them above the fire on a grate, they just take a bit longer.  i also recommend shifting them around with the tongs every few minutes so one side doesn't burn.

fire 2.jpg

this one came out perfect.  it even has a little ray of heavenly light hitting it--aaaahhhhh!  slather with butter and voila!  orange campfire biscuits.


i hope you can enjoy this treat next time you go camping!  we already can't wait for our next trip--hopefully to yosemite!  

p.s. how many washes does it take to get the campfire smell out of your hair?  mine's still smoky...

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