DIY Font (+ free download)

wsbs font 2.jpg

when i was a kid, my little entrepreneurial brain had the brilliant idea of selling everyone  a computer font of their own handwriting on CD-ROM.  well, i never capitalized on it, and now the days of discs are long gone, so i guess i missed that boat!  

BUT, there are now a couple apps that allow you to do this, so i had to share!  it's such a fun idea--you can create a font of your own penmanship, or any other font you'd like!  i always think of using it to create custom invitations or party paper goods to coordinate with your event theme. 

wsbs font 3.jpg
wsbs font close.jpg

the app i used is iFontMaker for iPad, which is $6.99 in the app store.  i don't normally buy apps, but i think fulfilling a childhood dream was worth the six bucks.  iFontMaker is fairly user friendly, and there's a quick video tutorial that is very helpful.  

and, i used a Bamboo Solo Stylus Pen to do the writing.

wsbs font pen.jpg

also, who doesn't love free stuff?  i created a font that you can download for FREE on the 2ttf website.  it's called Double Tap, and you can DOWNLOAD it HERE (or, enter in your browser URL if that doesn't work).  

if you have any other font commissions, i LOVE playing around with the app, so i'm happy to try my hand at a custom one for you!   that is, if you don't spring for the app yourself...

Posted on May 14, 2013 and filed under party, pretty, smart.