LW Gatsby

i was so inspired by the visuals i saw in the great gatsby over the weekend, i knew i had to post first thing monday morning!  gatsby style is stunning, and i can't wait for it keep cropping up in fashion and home decor trends in the coming seasons.  who doesn't love the roaring 20s?!

as soon as the movie was over, i scribbled down a list of all the style motifs that were carried throughout the film.  then i did a little photo safari around the house to see what i could find that was very gatsby (can we use that as an adjective now, please?).  

gatsby style elements:

  • geometric shapes
  • black and white
  • gold everywhere!
  • emerald green
  • peacock feathers
  • cobalt blue
  • bling (on jewelry and on gowns)
  • black and gold!  and more geometric shapes...
  • gold rimmed barware
  • bold ROYGBIV colors
  • silk
  • crystal barware, crystal chandeliers
  • symmetry
  • wide stripes
  • pearls

not pictured, but also notable:

  • lace
  • mixed metals
  • bright whites
  • sheer billowy curtains
  • metallic confetti (can't wait to put this to use!)
  • thick, artistic eye shadow in bold blues and greens
  • layered jewelry
  • typewriter lettering + flower/patterned cursive
  • headbands (already bought one on etsy!)
  • 20s bob haircut (don't worry, i'm growing mine out) 
  • monograms (obvi)--as you can see from my custom LW monogram up top, there's even a warner bros. website where you can create your gatsby monogram.  click HERE for that.

my favorite fashion combo in the whole film was probably leo's cream sweater + carey's head scarf-- i swoon!  so simple, but so classic.  there is just too much happening in this photo.

holy hotness.jpg

what's your favorite trend from gatsby style?  if you haven't seen the movie yet, please run out and watch it pronto!