oh girls, get ready.  you're going to love this.  


a couple weekends ago while lounging poolside in santa barbara, my dear friend, riss, had the brilliant idea to plop a colorful popsicle into a glass of champagne.  and that's the day that champsicles were born.  i'm not kidding, the easiest and cutest things EVER!

champagne + popsicles + glasses + friends (optional)

champagne close.jpg
champ glass.jpg
popsicle box.jpg

almost no added cals or sugar...

red 1.jpg
red or1.jpg
all side 1.jpg

when the popsicles melt, they turn the prettiest bold colors!

wouldn't these be adorable for bridal shower drinks?  or you could sub in sparkling cider for mocktails at a baby shower!  plus, you could coordinate with any party color scheme, since there's an endless option of popsicle colors!  can you tell how giddy these make me?!?!

above dunk 2.jpg
dunk 1.jpg
full end.jpg

we love govino glasses.  they are lightweight and acrylic so they're shatterproof.  perfect for champsicles, picnics, or any outdoor use!

btw, i'm not getting paid to endorse any of the products i mention on here, in case you were wondering.  i wish!


k, i think it's officially summer now.  who's up for champsicles this weekend?