neighborhood spotlight: pepe's tacos

pepe's tacos

last weekend i had an intense and specific craving for ground beef (no, i’m not preggo.  i’m just a craver).  within five minutes, that had morphed into a more specific carne-asada-taco-shaped void in my tummy.  seasoned beef, crunchy perfect diced onions, and a pile of cilantro.  i get hangry, people. 

that’s how i found our new favorite neighborhood taco place.  it’s everything a carry-out taco place should be and absolutely nothing more.  next time you westsiders have a hankering for authentic mexican, i recommend.


i must disclaimer: i know i am spoiled to live in a city where i can get pretty much any genre of food anytime.  not to mention, i live in a place/time/life situation where i’m blessed to be able to afford food i want, much less need.  so all this “i-have-to-have-a-carne-asada-taco-now” business is tongue in cheek.  

on that note, head on over to to check out these top rated charities that  help relieve people who are actually suffering from hunger.

Posted on April 15, 2013 and filed under LA, neighborhood spotlight, yummy, restaurant.